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Torrent Name:   Hank Williams III & Assjack 2009-06-21 Buffalo, NY
Uploaded by:    sanpablobay
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Hank Williams III & Assjack


Town Ballroom

Buffalo, NY, US

Source: CSB>BatBoxW/FilterOn>MT at 24/48>.wav>AdobeAudition2.0(Edits&DitheringTo16/44.1)>.wav>FFE>.flac

Recorded & transfered by sanpablobay


-Country Set-

02.Straight To Hell
03.Thrown Out Of The Bar
04.Smoke & Wine
05.I Don't Know
06.Pills I Took
07.The Rebel Within ^ - New song played live for the first time.
08.Long Hauls & Close Calls ^
09.Three Shades Of Black ^
10.Punch, Fight, Fuck ^
11.Country Heroes
12.Crazed Country Rebel
13.Six Pack Of Beer
15.The Ride
16.If You Don't Like Hank Williams
17.Talking About The Grand Ole Opry
18.The Grand Ole Opry (Ain't So Grand)
19.I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
20.Family Tradition
21.Cocaine Blues
22.Mississippi Mud
23.New Song???
24.Foggy Mountain Breakdown
25.Not Everybody Likes US
26.Dick In Dixie

^ = Gary Lindsey

-Hellbilly Set-

27.Go Fuck You
28.Life Of Sin
29.WHite Trash Pt. II
30.I Don't Wanna Go Home
31.Prain' For A Heart Attack
32.Blood Of The Chickens
33.I'm Drunk Again
34.Livin' It Up

-Assjack Set-

38.No Regrets
39.Black Destiny
40.Choking Gesture
41.Cut Throat
42.Gravel Pit
43.Joan Of Arc > Hot For Teacher > Stigmata > Raining Blood
44.Tennessee Driver
45.Redneck Ride
46.Rise To Die
47.Eat, Fuck, Kill

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