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Band:           The Slip
Torrent Name:   The Slip Lazy Day Homecoming 11/29/2002 km184
Uploaded by:    acoustichrmny
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Description / text file:
The Slip 
November 29, 2002
"Lazy Day Homecoming"
Rhodes on the Pawtuxet Ballroom 
Cranston, RI

source: (left stack) ortf Nuemann KM184> Zaolla XLR's> Grace Lunatec V2> Oade Interconnects RCA> DA-P1> coax> DA-P1> DAT @ 44.1khz
lineage: DAT Master> coax> Audiphile 2496> Wavelab 4> FLAC> xACT> WAV> SD4> WAV> xACT> FLAC
recorded by Chris Friel
patched by Brian Donohgue (with Clinton Vadnais' deck)
transfered and mastered (5/30/08) by Clinton Vadnais

disc 1: 

1. Intro >			 3:19
2. T.E.W.D.A.C.Y.A.T.M.	>	10:29
3. Wolof			13:58
4. 74				 9:52
5. Nellie Jean >		11:46
6. Moral Decay			17:29

disc 2:

1. Get Me With Fuji ^		12:56
2. Tonight We Leave Chicago	 9:01
3. Gemini (Kingdon of Light)	11:41
4. Jumby 			 8:08
5. Put on a Happy Face *  	 1:52
6. Dear Melina			 9:52
7. Yaki Soba			14:06				

disc 3:

1. Sometimes True to Nothing	15:37

^ preamp overdriven in the beginning
* played out of a boom box

Club d'Elf, Mackie Burnett, Leslie Helpert opened, along with Meowskers' comedy troupe

I had let Brian use my DAT recorder to patch from Chris. I used a Mac Laptop rig at this show. I recorded to an external hard drive. I think the show went a little long. Just a couple of moments after the set ended the house staff shut off the power to the sound equipment. This is where I was plugged in. My laptop was saving the session and the loss of power corrupted my whole recording. Luckily Chris was there and this sounds pretty damn good.

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