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Band:           Seth Yacovone Band
Torrent Name:   Seth Yacovone Band-Matterhorn-Stowe, VT-7/18/09-Post Production DSBD/AUD Matrix-(6 channel)
Uploaded by:    Homeslice
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Description / text file:
Seth Yacovone Band
Stowe, VT

Set 1
01. Barstool Blues (Backwards version with Jam first)
02. Once There Was a Way
03. The Untitled One->
04. 360
05. The Singing of the Song
06. Keep On Trying
07. Gnashing Golgotha Footstomp Shindig Blues
08. Falling on Deaf Ears
09. Deta Pit Snoc Blues
10. Hey Bulldog

Set 2
01. M.U.T.E.->
02. Sweat Sauce->
03. Broke and Hungry->
04. It->
05. Maybe Next Year->
06. Reap the Reward->
07. Maybe Next Year
08. A Question Mark to Answer
09. Playing Patterns

 Set 3
01. The Legend of Zelda Theme (First time ever played)
02. Cheer Up
03. Like a Rolling Stone->
04. Let's Go Get Stoned
05. OK
06. Soundcheck filler

~Low vocals on Set 1(tracks 8-10) and Set 2(tracks 1-7) due to vocal mic/house pa issues 

The Lineup:

Seth Yacovone-guitar, vocals

Tom Coggio-bass, vocals

Steve Hadeka-drums, vocals

Adam King-keys, vocals

Recording Source: Post Production DSBD/AUD Matrix-(6 channel)
(SBD)+(Neumann SKM184's*)+(AT4050's**)>Digi 003 Rack Plus>
Macbook>Pro Tools Le 8(24/96)>(mixdown, editing, mastering, dither, resample)>WAV(16/44.1)>xACT 1.4>FLAC
*mics were XY, dead center, back of dance floor, approx. 8 feet high
** mics were omni, split approx. 6 feet, waist high middle of stage center

Recorded and Mastered by: Sean M. Reardon (VTAudio at comcast.net)

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