[bittorrent] Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons 2009-07-30 - Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY ***onstage schoeps/fob akg matrix***

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Band:           Jerry Joseph
Torrent Name:   Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons  2009-07-30 - Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY  ***onstage schoeps/fob akg matrix***
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***************Full Disclosure**************************************
We didn't end up with any SBD this night so this is a mtrix between the 
onstage omni schoeps & fob sweet spot of the akg's(thanks, CKAS!!).  Don't
expect the crispness of a SBD for the vocals & you shouldn't be disappointed.
I don't feel that the soundman was really on his game that night as the vocals 
were not really too strong in the fob either.  That all being said, I EQ'd the fob 
to bring out the vocals a little more & all things considered, I feel this came 
out really nice & tasty so enjoy!!!!

Jerry Joeph & the Jackmormons
7/30/09 - Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Disc 1:
   Set 1-
1. tuning
2. 1936 Jesus>
3. Time the Revelator>
4. Hallelujah Trail
5. Lil Boo's Fireworks
6. What I Live For>
7. New Psychology Of Love>
8. She's Goin' Out

Disc 2:
   Set 2-
1. tuning
2. The Night I Got Drunk>
3. Second Skin>
4. Fastest Horse
5. Ten Killer Fairies>
6. Drive #
7.E: Bears That Dance

#=w/ "don't want to hurt anybody" rap

Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox, lack of self-promotion
Jr. Ruppel - bass, b.vox
Steve Drizos - drums, b.vox

[schoeps cmc62(onmi, stage)>SD 744t>firewire>WAV] + 
[akg481(fob, dfc)>mv-100>Edirol R-09-HR>FLAC>WAV]>
Sound Forge 9.0(Balance, VC, EQ[of fob to bring out more 
vox], PD&Norm, Mix)>FLAC--akg fob recorded by CKAS
onstage recorded by Alex Chiesi & Bill Mulvey
mixed & mast/remastered by Bill Mulvey
MMW-Ribot Archives--vanillag at hotmail.com

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