[bittorrent] Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Dunegrass Fest, Empire, MI 7-31-2009 (late night)

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Torrent Name:   Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Dunegrass Fest, Empire, MI 7-31-2009 (late night)
Uploaded by:    willyp523
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Description / text file:
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus
Dunegrass Festival
July 31, 2009 (late night set)
Empire, Michigan

Peluso cemc6/ck21 -> Busman T-mod Fostex FR-2LE

01 Sound Check Music/intro
02 track 2 >
03 unknown instrumental>
04 track 4 >
05 Medicine>jam>Medicine
06 Cream Soda
07 Run Rabbit Run>
08 unknown instrumental
09 Miss Brown>
10 unknown instrumental
11 coin flip
12 "The Other One"
13 chat
14 track 14 

First time taping this band and wasn't real familiar with them...so I had a helluva time tracking this.  My apologies in advance for any incorrect or misplaced track splits.

Set list help/corrections would be appreciated 

This is dated 7/31/09 but UV Hippo actually took the stage around 1:00 AM on 8/1.  I used the 7/31 date to avoid confusion with any possible performance later that day.   

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