[bittorrent] The Felice Brothers -- 2009-07-25 -- FloydFest 8

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Torrent Name:   The Felice Brothers -- 2009-07-25 -- FloydFest 8
Uploaded by:    saitoh
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Description / text file:
The Felice Brothers
July 25th, 2009
Hill Holler Stage, FloydFest 8
Floyd, VA

Source: BSCS-L (XY; 110°) > FR2-LE [BA-Tmod] (24/44.1)
location: FOB, Center, Stand 9.5', ~40' from stage
transfer: WAV > Audacity 1.3.7 (HPF, dither, and tracking) > WAV > FLAC (v1.2.1 --best --sector-align -V)
recorded by: page

The rain cleared up just as the band went on and we hustled to get our stuff in the air. I don't recall the band doing a soundcheck, so I think I missed the first minute or so of the opening tune. As such I've added a short fade in. There was no encore, they plowed through the drum kit at the end. Last but not least, I split Penn Station into three tracks (song beginning > MC/Crowd > song closer).

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