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Thu Oct 11 02:46:43 MDT 2007

RoryGallagher (a.k.a. Axel)
Raimax (a.k.a. Rainer)
BluesOxator (a.k.a. Christian)
Chico1610 (a.k.a. Hans Otto)

"One Kickin`Ass !" Mule Project
**For the Fans......By the Fans**

1.Get Behind The Mule, 
2.Waitin' For The Bus-> Jesus Just Left Chicago-> 
4.Is It My Body, 
6.Devil Likes It Slow, 
7.Wandering Child, 
8.Don't Step On The Grass, Sam, 
9.Lay Your Burden Down,

1.Blind Man In The Dark-> Drums-> Blind Man In The Dark, Bad Little Doggie, 
2.How Many More Years, 
3.Encore: Pass The Peas*, 
4.Doctor Feelgood**, 
5.Afro Blue*

* = w/ Rob Somerville on sax, Fuzzy on guitar, Rob Volo on trombone, Cyrus Madan on keyboard & Johnny Durkin on percussion from Deep Banana Blackout, 
** = w/ Jennifer Durkin on vocals & Fuzzy on guitar, Rob on sax Rob on trombone, Cyrus on keyboard & Johnny on percussion

FLAC Fingerprints:
c1725d1e2c11233a53d2b94a35bbe75a *gm1999-10-31d1t01.flac
8efc35dea16391a6ea10f089b2ec1741 *gm1999-10-31d1t02.flac
c7fea2d59f80e487000c6e2c8645a0ac *gm1999-10-31d1t03.flac
19b81f193037196af9b300984f28eb1f *gm1999-10-31d1t04.flac
68c16aaf2ab68734c0f64885955503fa *gm1999-10-31d1t05.flac
5a129be465ec48ba2d81d6ec3fe55a25 *gm1999-10-31d1t06.flac
3e787cdfc270d0483b65b0e0a6c9fa65 *gm1999-10-31d1t07.flac
03e8abf10023c15c97475642a90f7589 *gm1999-10-31d1t08.flac
3f4494080fdd71055b5585db4bb318ed *gm1999-10-31d1t09.flac
c69b7aa5a502565fdf6e821fcd7a3818 *gm1999-10-31d2t01.flac
56a62a0a223f06318c55a8a4c98df555 *gm1999-10-31d2t02.flac
0de0534332d2220115168dc4429bf30b *gm1999-10-31d2t03.flac
8ffa238b041c9843d8ffde60cf3f3f4a *gm1999-10-31d2t04.flac
094bb6a385da681e73329a87193feeac *gm1999-10-31d2t05.flac

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