[bittorrent] Super Jam hosted by Drew Emmitt 08-26-2007~NWSS~Horning's Hideout *Schoeps mk21*

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Torrent Name:   Super Jam hosted by Drew Emmitt 08-26-2007~NWSS~Horning's Hideout *Schoeps mk21*
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Description / text file:
Super Jam Hosted By Drew Emmitt
August 26th, 2007
Northwest String Summit
Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR

***16 BIT***

Source: Schoeps mk21(spaced 6ft)>cmc6>V3>744t  
Location: FOB/DFC 
Transfer: 744t>CD Wave>Wavelab 5>Flac
Taped and Transferred by Derek Davis

Disk 1

01 Pastor Tim Intro
02 Wild Bill Jones
03 Tangled Up In Blue
04 Rocky Road Blues
05 Jam->
06 Whipping Post
07 Big River

I could not keep track of who was on stage during each song, but by the end it was pretty much everyone!!

super jam2007-08-26.d1t01.flac:e85f336e02162110b598a2f03195c76c
super jam2007-08-26.d1t02.flac:36940a9efb2e072591052b28be07fa0d
super jam2007-08-26.d1t03.flac:751b16ec697abf98e816004b0d1c73b7
super jam2007-08-26.d1t04.flac:1694e854361edf2ef691a612f9674d76
super jam2007-08-26.d1t05.flac:214a7ddb828ede6c27d91797846710ee
super jam2007-08-26.d1t06.flac:3fe6fc6df250a014eeb59d7258a624be
super jam2007-08-26.d1t07.flac:29e76f90fd1ee02ebf988a11a79dccfe

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