[bittorrent] The Wayword Sons 08-25-2007~NWSS~Horning's Hideout Late Night Set*Schoeps mk4v+mk8*

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Torrent Name:   The Wayword Sons 08-25-2007~NWSS~Horning's Hideout Late Night Set*Schoeps mk4v+mk8*
Uploaded by:    phishy12
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510576

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Description / text file:
The Wayword Sons
August 25th, 2007
Northwest String Summit
Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR

***16 BIT***

Source: Schoeps mk4v+mk8(mid-side)>sonosax>744t  
Location: FOB/DFC 
Transfer: 744t>CD Wave>Wavelab 5>Flac
Taped and Transferred by Derek Davis

Disk 1

01 Pastor Tim Intro  
02 Lazy->  
03 Welcome to the Machine->  
04 Lazy-> 
05 Tarpology 
06 What's Left Of The Night 
07 An Immigrant's Song @  
08 The Gold Rush @ #  
09 Journey's End @ # 

@ with Nate Leif
# with Darol Anger, YMSB, and Drew Emmitt 

wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t01.flac:ac3acf1f13599abb50e8948874accef0
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t02.flac:337e675537df3853a7c7ab63008d01b5
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t03.flac:3349affaba4eea4d88d3dd5ff411b775
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t04.flac:fbcac5999c40ba3823d484f1e5dff109
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t05.flac:d2baa54ded98271f4c7fb04cc6db0394
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t06.flac:682bfe95aad265e12dcaed692fc2822f
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t07.flac:8b215cb1021e7f3f3fbe6cce58741ff1
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t08.flac:b955124b91038f487ff5933b4ae59838
wayword sons2007-08-25.d1t09.flac:7ed292757a01c808b3526f6e594498ee

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