[bittorrent] 07/09/1997 Molson Amphitheater - Toronto, ON SBD ** 1997 Furthur project **

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Band:           Black Crowes
Torrent Name:   07/09/1997 Molson Amphitheater - Toronto, ON SBD  ** 1997 Furthur project ** 
Uploaded by:    kraneo
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510473

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Description / text file:
The Black Crowes 1997 Furthur project

During the following weeks, kraneo, croffeyc with the help from Datfly and many other 

amoricans are seeding the whole Furthur tour. We'd like to thank:

- The tapers who preserved these wonderful shows on tape. Thank you very much for your hard 


- Traders and seeders who previously uploaded some of these shows. Thanks to the guys on 

etree and T's Southern Confort site for your help!

- The Black Crowes for your wonderful music.

Enjoy it!

Original txt info:

Black Crowes
Molson Amp
Toronto, Ont CANADA

Source: DSBD
Lineage: 1st gen analog
Taped by: boa
Transfered by: zncstr

File Size: 679 MB (SHN)

One Mirror Too Many
Another Roadside Tragedy
Mellow Down Easy
Just Say You're Sorry
Good Friday
High Head Blues
Pimpers Paradise
No Speak No Slave
Better When You're Not Alone

E. (with Ratdog)
Jailhouse Rock
Easy to Slip

01. One Mirror Too Many.flac:baa419c7c2da77cac61a80ae6714c128
02. Another Roadside Tragedy.flac:8d639b1b70311c7686376df404fd7f98
03. Mellow Down Easy.flac:d88ac28ebfb33147359f5fa65ffd13d0
04. Just Say You're Sorry.flac:b3726b24365b769717e56622a9602431
05. Good Friday.flac:98de42ed9cf246ed1555ac3540d6ddfd
06. High Head Blues.flac:523bd3e70ae1c9935c822eb1195128fa
07. Pimper's Paradise.flac:3e6c20c972862228fa6a890e6f5829e7
08. Blackberry.flac:f96babdb1212455fa5351ae3c7a8af1b
09. No Speak No Slave.flac:57feebbbbc510a1c809dded73e318d35
10. Better When You're Not Alone.flac:689dad6dfdebdf947044adc222572d9e
11. Happy.flac:143b99d8a15a9225fdfe67e30d3695b1
12. Jailhouse Rock.flac:6ef6aa1da6e9f8271d1d6b8db524a27f
13. Easy To Slip.flac:70f3aa28cd45a89d92698080a354439b

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