[bittorrent] WALL OF SOUND PROJECT Vol. 16 -June 23, 1974 -Jai-Alai Fronton -Miami, Florida [SBD-Owen Brothers-30846]

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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   WALL OF SOUND PROJECT Vol. 16 -June 23, 1974 -Jai-Alai Fronton -Miami, Florida [SBD-Owen Brothers-30846]
Uploaded by:    mayormarionbarry
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Description / text file:
        MCO-357  = 740623-02
The Grateful Dead - 23JUN1974         MCO-358  = 740623-03
Jai-Alai Fronton - Miami, FL            DVD-A: DVDA-003 = 740623-04
SBD>MR>DAT (from Andy Lemieux)>DC6>CD

AUD Patches:AudMC > DAT
Recorded by Jerry Moore about 15 rows from the stage on center axis
with 2 hand held AKG D-1000E mics > Sony 152 deck.  Maxell UD-120
cassettes, with Dolby B ON.
Analog > DAT transfer by Mark Cohen, December 2002
DAT > SHN/CD by Noah Weiner (noahbw at attbi.com) December, 2002

Editing and Mastering by The Wizard - Owenbrothersvault at hotmail.com
Both the Audience and the Soundboard are available from The Owen Brothers Vault.

This was a nice SBD recording with only minor issues. Most tunings were cut. These
were patched from the AUD source where available. A light Continuous Noise filter
was used to minimize tape hiss. The sound was a bit flat so equalization was used to
bring up the top and bottom ends a bit. Other specific issues corrected:
Start of Ramble on Rose on the SBD had a horrible mix and was replaced by AUD.
Rose was also recorded hot with clipping and this was corrected.
The cut in Weather Report Suite was patched with an alternate SBD.
The AUD Splice in US Blues was redone.
All AUD patches were matched up as well as possible through EQ, Noise reduction
and gain adjustments.
Misc. loud handclaps, pops and other anomalies were corrected.
All editing done with Diamond Cut DC6 software.

Disc One - 78:56
01) Tune Up  (AUD)
02) Ramble On Rose (AUD at start)
03) Tune Up (AUD)
04) Black Throated Wind
05) Technical Difficulties/Bermuda Triangle (AUD+SBD)
06) Tico Tico Tuning
07) >Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodleloo
08) Beat It On Down The Line
09) Tune Up (AUD)
10) Row Jimmy
11) Tune Up (AUD)
12) Jack Straw
13) Tune Up (AUD)
14) Let It Rock (First and Only Time Played)
15) Tune Up (AUD)
16) Cumberland Blues
17) Tune Up (AUD)
18) El Paso
19) Tune Up (AUD)
20) To Lay Me Down
20a) Fade Out Track

Disc Two - 71:35
20b) Fade In Track
21) Tune Up
22) Weather Report Suite
23)>China Doll
24) Seastones (First Time Played)  (AUD)
25) Tune Up (AUD)
27)>Ship Of Fools
28) Big River
29) Tune Up (AUD)
30) Black Peter
31) Tune Up (AUD)
32) Around And Around
32a) Fade Out Track

Disc Three - 57:38
32b) Fade In Track
33) Tune Up (AUD)
34) Dark Star
35)>Spanish Jam
36)>U.S. Blues
37) Tune Up (AUD)
38) Uncle John's Band
39) One More Saturday Night
40) Crowd/Tune Up (AUD)
41)E:Casey Jones

Note: To burn to longer media (DVD-A), leave out "a" and "b" fade tracks.

Please trade freely, never sell. Please don't convert to MP3 and trade... Thanks, Wiz

cbb734c436add179118b365e7151ad4a *gd74-06-23sbd_t25.shn
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a7178ce306eebddef4df70d00ddf18f5 *gd74-06-23sbd_t27.shn
12542fcd6e711e38fb1ed72dbdb6fcfb *gd74-06-23sbd_t28.shn
493210c7d6a43535c0142db96d45da26 *gd74-06-23sbd_t29.shn
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e8d4114b151219eaf1ba768e608ccef4 *gd74-06-23sbd_t31.shn
f3a7571be1ed249b26c122a5729e91ba *gd74-06-23sbd_t32.shn
316383ca00d63e7b41fdaf3ac7b9a1a6 *gd74-06-23sbd_t32a.shn
98ae743a8e5e300f3590136f52621f2f *gd74-06-23sbd_t32b.shn
4b1a3dbd5fbcf134c6edc3947ea71cc2 *gd74-06-23sbd_t33.shn
6e353f9bc0e6988768fc72231f6a43f6 *gd74-06-23sbd_t34.shn
6b5476e7582df9952eb747941f16d4c6 *gd74-06-23sbd_t35.shn
c19d4785851ffd93b76238f29f695533 *gd74-06-23sbd_t36.shn
2a229cbae1b66478b7d4e7c99146b54c *gd74-06-23sbd_t37.shn
4e1da99df3cd809aa346633482f4e79e *gd74-06-23sbd_t38.shn
387100bff1a5fd1c597dca99dd9849b5 *gd74-06-23sbd_t39.shn
f081d5198a5e57fd6aba361b2a0de2f3 *gd74-06-23sbd_t40.shn
d5bf8d397047a56f209fff7199998e1b *gd74-06-23sbd_t41.shn
8d28c72237c9b95c17203c7fce9e5943 *gd74-06-23sbd_t01.shn
4f748c13e5a430f50bb85d477f40ee4a *gd74-06-23sbd_t02.shn
65475afde0a12cb70df0f11dfbf43869 *gd74-06-23sbd_t03.shn
0f9db4587441d030955166b4977c72f3 *gd74-06-23sbd_t04.shn
2b317431c9e550fd122372602a9fc806 *gd74-06-23sbd_t05.shn
a3745b12bf8e68a6f753e92a0de4b4ad *gd74-06-23sbd_t06.shn
5b2bea13669040104ff6008a5fe036c7 *gd74-06-23sbd_t07.shn
06194402df78cc8c07856a8f3187723e *gd74-06-23sbd_t08.shn
2f196318aff3f181e3db131faa44bf00 *gd74-06-23sbd_t09.shn
cf91fe067245f95d733dedb1f2374319 *gd74-06-23sbd_t10.shn
b3625e248cb3e168f66442c62199b786 *gd74-06-23sbd_t11.shn
8df5133b38129a234fa469c7b6cbdda8 *gd74-06-23sbd_t12.shn
10262a4c639c0b78756b4df217824697 *gd74-06-23sbd_t13.shn
d794564f79e8b3f9a174007657274baa *gd74-06-23sbd_t14.shn
6a7dadd8b6411f6805ed43106363140f *gd74-06-23sbd_t15.shn
3ff13bbea5e0ab8b216e31a362d7c119 *gd74-06-23sbd_t16.shn
ea9aa9608d112941c2b3010e3fc59873 *gd74-06-23sbd_t17.shn
2ad77b1ec467af3284e94dc960bcf290 *gd74-06-23sbd_t18.shn
c98afc3bca984648c9e30964ba37d567 *gd74-06-23sbd_t19.shn
6b1a228613c03f988c12db32d11d9e99 *gd74-06-23sbd_t20.shn
3000d2a5a9292707452c098ee772abc5 *gd74-06-23sbd_t20a.shn
11f4e522dc04a03b8c927439424d1281 *gd74-06-23sbd_t20b.shn
3e78b8d116bb023af32dbf171a760b25 *gd74-06-23sbd_t21.shn
1ae009df5f536199a5d0c5df37263c8a *gd74-06-23sbd_t22.shn
e6409ca38fdf8088d53a09031c1724bf *gd74-06-23sbd_t23.shn
14e115c946ffb8c36ead21b3bc0773d1 *gd74-06-23sbd_t24.shn

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