[bittorrent] 06/22/1997 Lakewood Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA SBD (reseed) ** 1997 Furthur project **

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Band:           Black Crowes
Torrent Name:   06/22/1997 Lakewood Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA SBD (reseed) ** 1997 Furthur project **
Uploaded by:    kraneo
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Description / text file:
The Black Crowes 1997 Furthur project

During the following weeks, kraneo and croffeyc are seeding the whole Furthur tour. We'd like to thank:

- The tapers who preserved these wonderful shows on tape. Thank you very much for your hard work.

- Traders and seeders who previously uploaded some of these shows. Thanks to the guys on etree and T's Southern Confort site for your help!

- The Black Crowes for your wonderful music.

Enjoy it!

The Black Crowes
22 June 1997 - Lakewood Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA [ USA ]  

Lineage: SBD> ? > CD > flac
Taper unknown (thank you very much)

01. Jam -> Hard to Handle -> Jam
02. If It Ever Stops Raining (1st time played)
03. Bring On, Bring On
04. Oh Sister
05. She Gave Good Sunflower
06. Under A Mountain
07. Thick N' Thin
08. Girl From A Pawnshop
09. Remedy
10. Happy 
No jam, sorry.

01-Jam-]Hard to handle.flac:82f7b10b2d8c1a16f1f2b060e90c7610
02-If it ever stops raining.flac:ed36c72f32c28429e6e06ff362d1d342
03-Bing on,bring on.flac:2ec94d6f3a971989f262264c7ed86da7
04-Oh sister.flac:8ad7bd448b23275f8cc110c848a63f8f
05-She gave good sunflower.flac:ff938e1dcd05074e646e0e1bfc66bd5e
06-Under a mountain.flac:bd0c68480ec76631e5dd481654240a0c
07-Thick n thin.flac:52991629ea25718e700d6c386101c029
08-Girl from a pawnshop.flac:d7060806c09f5b69ae20ced5128b4998

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