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Band:           Phil Lesh & Friends
Torrent Name:   Phil and Friends,Charlottesville Pavilion,Charlottesville,VA 10/13/07 4011s
Uploaded by:    lynnzzz
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Description / text file:
Phil and Friends
Charlottesville Pavilion,Charlottesville,VA

cd # 1 Set 1: 
Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
Candy Man
Bird Song
Big River
Gone Wanderin'
Cold Rain & Snow

cd # 2 Set 2:
The Wheel>
This Wheel’s on Fire
Cryptical Envelopment>

cd # 3
Dark Star (v1)>
Eyes of the World>
Dark Star (v2)
Cosmic Charlie,Donor Rap/Intros
E: Not Fade Away

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
John Molo (drums)
Jackie Greene (guitar, vocals)
Larry Campbell (guitar+)
Steve Molitz (keys)

Taper Section:DPA(B&K)4011s->Luminous Monarchs->V2->Luminous Synchestra Signature XLRs->AD2K@ 24/96->722. 
SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) -> Wavelab 5(edit/resample/dither)-> FLAC. Recorded and transfered by 
Mark Lynn(mark at ninebullets.org).

Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t01.flac:193834f5badfaa24fb1d3222019fb206
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t02.flac:81e70dd0c224c25b3da680e30a16c7f0
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t03.flac:5ab6128f44eb6edaf39889f1f5542fc2
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t04.flac:9e2898e2263e938b1944672e91afb308
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t05.flac:6e75e1e7fb231ec0a7118c0ca7581ef4
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t06.flac:c2c61917089851a54fac9d2eb4a340ba
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d1t07.flac:30fa4cb56ae0c56acfa355b7732e79e4
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d2t01.flac:2dea3bb60181ed6bcaeac5e2df8306e8
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d2t02.flac:e2a52a02e29ec6460a5a352b4dc7cc50
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d2t03.flac:35d6815ee6bc44a394cb0a90d0180b95
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d2t04.flac:7de13adbbfd55d078c65dd0b944d5ecf
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d3t01.flac:511267134d180de6122480f7cc63ab0d
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d3t02.flac:f96e35e890614dbeb3131ea0922675e7
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d3t03.flac:0bdf3509d5cfc29cabedb8f2a92a7ff2
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d3t04.flac:4d4e044dbe776207b61388e3cca1a2f3
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d3t05.flac:e80688c05a79343eac4279bc89b0d5bc
Phil 2007-10-13 4011s d3t06.flac:95692e9e34b5952a2964d9edd0dfd540

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