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Band:           Marc Ford
Torrent Name:   Marc Ford - 2007-10-06 - Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA - DSBD
Uploaded by:    SVTroy
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510231

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Description / text file:
Marc Ford
October 6, 2007
Smith's Olde Bar
Atlanta, GA

DSBD > Zoom H4 (XLR) > PC (USB) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (Editing, Tracking and Fades) > FLAC (Level 8, No SBE's)

Taped, Transferred, Edited and Seeded by T. W. Robertson aka SVTroy (twr1962 at yahoo.com)

Editing performed:
Parametric Equilization.
Channels balanced.
Stereo Image expanded 127%.
Normalized to 95%.
Tracks split and fades applied.

This is my first recording of a live show. Constructive criticism welcome. I hope you enjoy it!!!
There was a open mic at the soundboard so there is over-abundant audience noise at a few points.
Thanks to Jason for the soundboard patch.
Thanks to Brandy, Brad and Britney for the hospitality.

Originally seeded to bt.etree.org on October 13, 2007

One Set

Disc One
01. Intro & Tuning
02. Smoke Signals
03. Dirty Girl
04. 1000 Ways
05. Medicine Time
06. The Other Side
07. Currents
08. Featherweight Dreamland
09. Vampire Blues
10. Don't Come Around
11. Just Take The Money

Disc Two
01. Greazy Chicken
02. A Change Of Mind
03. The Same Thing
04. Future Too
05. Long Gone
- Encore -
06. Just Let It Go
07. Are You Experienced?

Marc Ford - Guitar and Vocals
Elijah Ford - Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals
Muddy Dutton - Bass, Keyboard and Vocals
Dennis Morehouse - Drums

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*** Do not convert to MP3 or any other lossy format except for personal use ***

*** Do not sell this recording, it is for trade only ***

*** Support the artists, buy the official releases and go to the shows ***

FLAC Fingerprints:
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t01-Intro & Tuning.flac:76ba011c2afa653e4e44df95a648707d
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t02-Smoke Signals.flac:82acd4cf076cbaa52acc70263a97f1ee
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t03-Dirty Girl.flac:0e3b95f7c53925a0ded7e230f88afa9f
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t04-1000 Ways.flac:11eef42b657426af3b90d6f721ada406
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t05-Medicine Time.flac:d0c418d8e882ce20f2f01ab9cfff344f
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t06-The Other Side.flac:67da294de01da92344f67f1892a114bc
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t08-Featherweight Dreamland.flac:7b4d0b61950a19e56de8661cfb54653d
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t09-Vampire Blues.flac:22136264e97dd9ce10bd9c5e596714a2
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t10-Don't Come Around.flac:e3865939d4e0c759c7a7e6f6f8a5d7a8
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t11-Just Take The Money.flac:ad5f7c1cb96889b5296e3ce8da6a1f36
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t01-Greazy Chicken.flac:da34be30ec1be11be91e412895b23cb6
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t02-A Change Of Mind.flac:448162de55b5e5cd400e78065114c8cf
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t03-The Same Thing.flac:344da94a6ec692b51f0cd6a4f48d1ed0
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t04-Future Too.flac:511cb47d4d565ea06f27aca9e36b0304
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t05-Long Gone.flac:e7414a5b4963869132198b718a8a1733
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t06-Just Let It Go.flac:55565b3f52779e96e9e2bea3bc54a884
mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t07-Are You Experienced.flac:efa87d933829604c82159ab4133bfe02

MD5 Checksum:
adef1662851c03a123566605839630f1 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t01-Intro & Tuning.flac
e9a66da4e758535d0382e410170b221f *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t02-Smoke Signals.flac
9492ff204c90120c4e06304c52a92018 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t03-Dirty Girl.flac
5f3e418f90ec7f8575721b2a8c25b693 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t04-1000 Ways.flac
ee2770bc5a1853ae77be0ad6ce0be9de *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t05-Medicine Time.flac
8dfc8aaf21adb19a31f11fd3515f9dc6 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t06-The Other Side.flac
9e30b5ce8975ca0e6444f973941768e2 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t07-Currents.flac
876ddae6a15f88b59eb2ee5b29a3adf9 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t08-Featherweight Dreamland.flac
3d91232abaecde7f8760aea527dac8d5 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t09-Vampire Blues.flac
d84b84cdc0a9d9380df420a96392309f *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t10-Don't Come Around.flac
658954d935edf120e98a7b2dfdf7c6bc *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d1t11-Just Take The Money.flac
96f7c5c9a480b640e2e3c25c626c0171 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t01-Greazy Chicken.flac
d9e25dbe7f9be502faa07d27e8e92c85 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t02-A Change Of Mind.flac
5e51f72cc77e3b6844794223f7cb45c4 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t03-The Same Thing.flac
cb956782f57cfad3421771f390d960de *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t04-Future Too.flac
c925b1628326213f18bcf0ee1ea54e86 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t05-Long Gone.flac
03c2d42423975bef745ebf521b5846cf *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t06-Just Let It Go.flac
199e0cac98e24514252296b63773b93b *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.d2t07-Are You Experienced.flac
235ebb753ade5a611b70b4bd97c2b884 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.ffp
8b7481f1536bd0d0cbe21a2c94067f65 *mf2007-10-06.DSBD.txt

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