[bittorrent] Drive-By Truckers 2007-10-12 WorkPlay Soundstage - Birmingham, AL

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Band:           Drive-By Truckers
Torrent Name:   Drive-By Truckers 2007-10-12 WorkPlay Soundstage - Birmingham, AL
Uploaded by:    habit1973
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510213

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/habit1973

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Drive By Truckers
WorkPlay Soundstage
Birmingham, AL

Dirt Underneath Show

Source: AKG 414uls (figure of 8 (verticle) / Blumline) > Hydra Cables > Oade ACM HD-P2

Location: FOB / DFC / 25' from stage at 8 1/2' high

1. Bulldozers & Dirt
2. Panties In Your Purse
3. Heathens
4. Women Without Whiskey
5. Sink Hole
6. Carl Perkin's Cadillac
7. Tales Facing Up
8. Happy Birthday Lisa (?)*
9. The Living Bubba
10. One Of These Days
11. Nine Bullets
12. Light In The Loafers (?)
13. My Sweet Annette
14. The Sands Of Iwo Jima
15. Bloody Nose (?)
16. Birmingham
17. 18 Wheels Of Love
18. Guitar Man Upstairs
19. Crowd > New Years Show?
20. Puttig People On The Moon
22. Zip City
23. Buttholeville > State Trooper > Buttholeville ^

* New Song w/ Cooley on vocals
^ w/ Damon Scott - Guitar

Patterson Hood - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Cooley - Guitar, Vocals
Shonna Tucker - Bass
Spooner Oldham - Keys
John Neff - Pedal Steel
Brad Morgan - Dums

Notes: Excellent Show! Removed or significantly reduced pops caused by Patterson's microphone cable in a couple of songs. Cooley gets pretty funny/fired up about the cable issue. Help with the ? in the setlists appreciated.

JW Mod AKG 460/ck63 > Neve Portico 5012 (silk) > MT24/96 source also available.

CF Card at 24bit/48kHz > SoundForge 8.0
1.5db Gain added
Resample to 44.1kHz: Anti Alias, Interpol accuracy 4 
Dither to 16bit: Triangular w/ Noise Shaping, Equal Loudness Contour
Fades applied at beginning and end of set
CD WAve: Tracking 
Traders Little Helper: FLAC Conversions (Level 6)

Taped, transfered and seeded by Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 at gmail dot com)

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 13, 2007, at 12:40 pm

7bfe18187e2f5602a66668cc5b729225 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t01.flac
aeba31ef76fe0b1504c8d57862ae3481 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t02.flac
5bd1b3e2df78f09294ecd3b2c7058668 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t03.flac
fcdab0e616d7dd2b9604b4ecc60be8d2 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t04.flac
3c66b11e001a9bb517afe2208f24eeab *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t05.flac
f34a4d43fed35e662d56acd82408f664 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t06.flac
58e895fe0804f9cf75bf74a5c3dd8aa7 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t07.flac
7a795c407c97ef51f34df674e3813935 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t08.flac
5251b2137c564b09ddbad3306b3ab155 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t09.flac
c7bea2dffd0d59c576123a55d89cc74f *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t10.flac
bb5e5efe8f18dffa16c5b7f1eabab6e2 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t11.flac
b1bb0faac1ecd9b27cab5129510b01d1 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t12.flac
29411ac973c9ca576b89fbfad1401704 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t13.flac
fc7c83d6c8e701ebacfdcb1f34d09b1f *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t14.flac
af11efa8d24ca7f3d39fdd8c59a75b06 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t15.flac
db1d0ce7f2698322189c9768357d0f3f *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t16.flac
ffe5b7e47fd498f21a6a94e8234f7a28 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t17.flac
1b0a43c276bbf53564531a082884d81e *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t18.flac
6ad2aef4d6f4fc2bec5b8aa7183ca111 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t19.flac
a0e286e8646a638751c3f18b5d912bde *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t20.flac
9bc2815a9d9dcd889f109955eded9af0 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t21.flac
0cda468931ede7c3ac6602f7a5ab2b68 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t22.flac
6b933d0675646ca9c65387ffd88e6b15 *dbt2007-10-12jhatcher414_t23.flac

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