[bittorrent] grateful dead, hampton colisum, hampton, va 1986-03-21

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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   grateful dead, hampton colisum, hampton, va 1986-03-21
Uploaded by:    joe-beacon
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510145

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Description / text file:
grateful dead, hampton coliseum, hampton, va  1986-03-21

taper : Joe D'Amico ''aka'' Joebeacon

nak 300 mics w/cp4 shotguns > sony d-5

nak dragon tape deck > creative extigy soundcard > cool edit pro > flac frontend

disc 1 : 1st set
01-road runner
02-duprees diamond blues
03-minglewood blues
04-bird song
05-tons of steel
06-supplication jam
07-let it grow

disc 2 :  2nd set
01-uncle johns band
02-terrapin station
03-playing in the band ( reprise)
06-i need a miracle
07-stella blue
08-sugar magnolia
09-baby blue

do not convert to lossy format 
do not sell 

9834c0896680e7e694ed73edf383f7b1 *disc101-road runner.flac
e7540af04402838f53a405c79244d577 *disc102-duprees diamond blues.flac
b0a0214ec2b10dda9a39ebd09935bbb0 *disc103-minglewood blues.flac
fdb1db57d05d5c8a5635e7ac2eefaf09 *disc104-bird song.flac
0d2277e3b0b7a000c35461f91e55a80e *disc105-tons of steel.flac
824d65593c80c2bad166ffd8643ca06e *disc106-supplication jam.flac
8b67c8984c77052f57e36f63815ccc1f *disc107-let it grow.flac
ca7385f124c0eff8e1b32cdb13e5805d *disc201-uncle john's band.flac
a3850c32f537852e7cc018771748f0a3 *disc202-terrapin station.flac
3eea627e4c28d6ab331404d03bd5ae92 *disc203-playing in the band .flac
9717f307c170b60cdd69fbdc20159e0a *disc204-drums.flac
f6f2e059775f8437435eedcc14aae4a1 *disc205-space.flac
1b973dbb7f3b74c5ec27ebe80ca3ae9d *disc206-i need a miracle.flac
0733be912e7882bc92ebaa229a12b85a *disc207-stella blue.flac
3b5a9eeac5514b5a0544be68ecccc759 *disc208-sugar magnolia.flac
b216d639d5e0e63482089307ee6c829a *disc209-it's all over now, baby blue.flac
fc01fd892595c22353116e082e14dd90 *info.txt

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