[bittorrent] 07/19/1997 World Music Theatre - Tinley Park, IL ** 1997 Furthur project **

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Band:           Black Crowes
Torrent Name:   07/19/1997 World Music Theatre - Tinley Park, IL ** 1997 Furthur project **
Uploaded by:    kraneo
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510121

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Description / text file:
The Black Crowes 1997 Furthur project

During the following weeks, kraneo, croffeyc with the help from Datfly and many other amoricans are seeding the whole Furthur tour. We'd like to thank:

- The tapers who preserved these wonderful shows on tape. Thank you very much for your hard work.

- Traders and seeders who previously uploaded some of these shows. Thanks to the guys on etree and T's Southern Confort site for your help!

- The Black Crowes for your wonderful music.

Enjoy it!

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Recording Info: DAT MASTER Sony D7 DAT @48khz 
Mics: Coresound Omni mounted on hat. Taped from the 18th row, aisle seat, dead center.

Transfer: DAT MASTER digitally transfered > Tascam DA30 MKII Pro Dat Deck > HHB CDR-800 via AES/EBU > Apple G3 with xACT FLAC Conversion (Level 8). Checked and Verified.

Stare It Cold
If It Ever Stops Raining (This is an early version of By Your Side)
Sloppy Drunk *
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
Nonfiction into Jam** >
Hard To Handle *** 
Feelin' Alright****

*Jorma on Sloppy Drunk.
** Dave Ellis, saxophone on Nonfiction.
***Bob Weir, Guitar on Hard To Handle
**** Crowes joined on stage with everyone...Can't remember all of the people

Show Notes: The 97 run was their "Swan Song"...Enjoy this killer show with tons of Jams and special guests.

Track  1.flac:59b819be0140a3cf8ae6cb98d7424130
Track  2.flac:7580dec929cdc6330d698a8e68d76d66
Track  3.flac:11cd8cdb1b1125976f18c18c62c1250e
Track  4.flac:33b81035b5ebf23644fda5b587192f4e
Track  5.flac:18b27196f162d4ae3a8175385bcc23f2
Track  6.flac:520d0d8406294d074cc3bd5d79b49938
Track  7.flac:2ea26ba96edaa8d8c5d4818fbd4dad4e
Track  8.flac:63bfddd54339ba9054d988559ec3fe1d

The Tape Junkie

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