[bittorrent] THE NEW ORLEANS RADIATORS - 03/10/1985 - Larry Blake's - Berkeley, Ca.

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Band:           Radiators
Torrent Name:   THE NEW ORLEANS RADIATORS - 03/10/1985 - Larry Blake's - Berkeley, Ca.
Uploaded by:    rayd8
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Description / text file:
Larry Blake's
Berkeley, Ca.
sbd>probably 2nd gen cassette>harddrive via Soundforge 6.0>flac(level 8)
Transfer and remaster by Bill Boelens

Last show of the first California tour played to a bunch of freaks after a Dead show at the Greek. The band pulls out all the stops and puts on one heckuva two set show. As related to me, the pipes in the basement of the club were dripping it was so hot, all the equipment had to be covered with visqueen. 

Set 1 Disk 1
01- Wang Dang Doodle>Spoonful
02- Honey From The Bee
03- First Snow
04- Monkey In Her Heart
05- Good Things
06- Straight Eight
07- Boomerang
08- River Run
09- Rolling Stone
10- Hardcore

Set 1 Disk 2
01- Number 2 Pencil
02- Last Getaway
03- Suck Da Head
04- Red...
05- ...Dress
Set 2
06- Nightmare On The Misery Train>Take Yo Dead Ass Home
07- Danang
08- Hard To Handle
09- Mean Old World *
10- Mustang Sally *
11- Every Dog Has His Day *
12- Rainbow

Disk 3 Set 2
01- Dixie Chicken>Promised Land
02- Chainsaw>Cissy Strut
03- Can't Take It Witcha

*- with unknown sax player


66943baf938ae88fa87108adc245ce59 *rad1985-03-10d1t01.flac
9a8da4c9b10990970e128118fe0475e4 *rad1985-03-10d1t02.flac
ba3b2277d840ed4023a98f9bf04b8b73 *rad1985-03-10d1t03.flac
ed4126522119e409e4ea37cdb44d90c2 *rad1985-03-10d1t04.flac
2909c983e7bdd55ba68ebd753cf22cef *rad1985-03-10d1t05.flac
cee24933baa87a8f4e6abac801241697 *rad1985-03-10d1t06.flac
62605242df55a6e32eb08ed73b41da28 *rad1985-03-10d1t07.flac
8acfdc3ccbfa3b58115d98117e10fe80 *rad1985-03-10d1t08.flac
00d0086669e8ba86412671d89c93087e *rad1985-03-10d1t09.flac
a8a0031809ceb5747f5a03347d10cd91 *rad1985-03-10d1t10.flac
f4bee063fa50352e39f7d6e8f1baaadd *rad1985-03-10d2t01.flac
46910e80bb3494ed0260634b6ff4e274 *rad1985-03-10d2t02.flac
9e9892de5e25fdda3bbe0777c9ba702a *rad1985-03-10d2t03.flac
69bceaec0b34a65112b6bb8915a4e027 *rad1985-03-10d2t04.flac
2401b876bf2825633e91b026d8032ea9 *rad1985-03-10d2t05.flac
f2d6e77e0d216fe2e3cae23a75781156 *rad1985-03-10d2t06.flac
bf6b578c4c53b7e8c1319eba9dadf558 *rad1985-03-10d2t07.flac
53a4890193f1919d06e377717e8b57d2 *rad1985-03-10d2t08.flac
3fa496beb01356b3fabe2791685d15c6 *rad1985-03-10d2t09.flac
95b9fec639a816aa528ac638e38f4de5 *rad1985-03-10d2t10.flac
5cb57f46ca346fffa8fb179580e30d66 *rad1985-03-10d2t11.flac
30f6581fb65c4afbe092f804fdb3a6a0 *rad1985-03-10d2t12.flac
61e72da6173e39c90d162a5bb1ce401d *rad1985-03-10d3t01.flac
b683063f5e59e2b6fcbabcd68d535c17 *rad1985-03-10d3t02.flac
a213367ca41e8ab1805da0ae03cf3661 *rad1985-03-10d3t03.flac

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