[bittorrent] Grateful Dead @ Berkeley Community Theater 1972-08-25 [sbd.8474]

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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   Grateful Dead @ Berkeley Community Theater 1972-08-25 [sbd.8474]
Uploaded by:    Arbuthnot
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Description / text file:
Grateful Dead
Friday, August 25th, 1972
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, CA

Source:  Partial Set 1: SBD>MR>PCM>DAT>CD>EAC
         Partial Set 2: FMSBD>???

One Disc:
1.  Bill Graham Intro
2.  Cold Rain And Snow
3.  Black Throated Wind
4.  He's Gone 
5.  Beat It On Down The Line 
6.  Loser
7.  The Frozen Logger
8.  El Paso
9.  Truckin' > Jam >
10. The Other One//

As The Other One Fades out, the first few notes of WRS Prelude can be heard.

7ac2928313e5168d9ae772d5ecd6b012 *gd72-08-25t01.shn
412df4c0a17be6315876347b7a9062f1 *gd72-08-25t02.shn
01e33384eba306b1b3b000df5f21b250 *gd72-08-25t03.shn
1b7ef5342a1506a3eaed87a77d57bb21 *gd72-08-25t04.shn
6b8567ff659e93154850ad928b217060 *gd72-08-25t05.shn
64d71a1155e2cf29f156cf9a1b46e19e *gd72-08-25t06.shn
bc31e357ddf58cf10a23d8859f96c601 *gd72-08-25t07.shn
8bc551765d702291af7d5cf32e364920 *gd72-08-25t08.shn
66384c29df0d7e6b0b203a140ae42558 *gd72-08-25t09.shn
c492517906a7fb2b3f8434d79429ba41 *gd72-08-25t10.shn

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