[bittorrent] grateful dead, community war memorial, rochester, ny 1985-11-07 usa

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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   grateful dead, community war memorial, rochester, ny 1985-11-07 usa
Uploaded by:    joe-beacon
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=510005

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Description / text file:
grateful dead, community war memorial, rochester, ny 1985-11-07

taper : Joe D'Amico ''aka'' Joebeacon

nak 300 mics > sony d-5

nak dragon tape deck > creative extigy soundcard > cool edit pro > flac frontend 

in front of the soundboard

disc 1 : 1st set
01-dancin' in the streets
03-c.c. rider
05-mama tried  
06-mexicali blues
07-cumberland blues
08-beat it on down the line
   2nd set
10-touch of grey
11-samson & delilah

disc 2 : 2nd set con't
01-high time
02-let it grow
05-gimme some lovin'
06-stella blue
07-throwing stones
08-not fade away
09-midnight hour

do not sell
do not convert to lossy format 

057fa1a5d1f2d552641987f77e0955f5 *disc101-dancin' in the streets.flac
48b89298798395186bb0efa60d39c74b *disc102-direwolf.flac
cf9dfd8a3aaf1dd6650fcc56d790e045 *disc103-c.c. rider.flac
9f20196d7103556346fabe6958c3280b *disc104-loser.flac
190ce33fdad83b28c4bef3b0f625bc1e *disc105-mama tried.flac
6353a01981632d8f83dcdfb022b8a9a7 *disc106-mexicali blues.flac
47eb68e8ff56d45524591d71407f3e29 *disc107-cumberland blues.flac
47ed63aac94b6f9e19dfb54d21559108 *disc108-beat it on down the line.flac
b10b5125c8cc1b817805aff87df8590d *disc109-deal.flac
e6c80e79308a6a276ba3df07b2ad4e1e *disc110-touch of grey.flac
2a570a4f7049f04cb4f62602cfde4ec3 *disc111-samson & delilah.flac
0913ac9820a87ae3c12c541484968b89 *disc201-high time.flac
3c428163abe1916f36729cbf59ebce0b *disc202-let it grow.flac
bdce05f09e16a5341fbae9611e82e86b *disc203-drums.flac
49ba385e625fc0c3bbffd8931ca6171c *disc204-space.flac
e6109097935871fb5501027fffba14ec *disc205-gimme some lovin'.flac
8a96ce0af77fac29d9bf8bf5dab524ad *disc206-stella blue.flac
f61b0b3e006d209a4a15cbc9c9d5afca *disc207-throwing stones.flac
90510402d578ebcdd6402e515b7cddb0 *disc208-not fadeaway.flac
9b965f557b27f8d730c7914400ee78e1 *disc209-midnight hour.flac
76424c8d0c97328ba80f991ad71e898c *info.txt

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