[bittorrent] George Wesley Band - PJ Welihan's Pub, Blue Bell, PA 2007-07-26 SBD

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Band:           George Wesley
Torrent Name:   George Wesley Band -  PJ Welihan's Pub, Blue Bell, PA 2007-07-26 SBD
Uploaded by:    wklitz
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Description / text file:
George Wesley Band
PJ Welihan's Pub
Blue Bell, PA
July 26, 2007

SBD>Edirol R-4(@24/96)

Transfer: Edirol R-4>Wavelab 5(Fades & UV22HR Dithering to 16/44.1)>CDWAV>FLAC

Recorded and Transfeered by Keith Litzenberger

Set 1:

Take It Easy
Sitting And Watching 
Lively Up Yourself>?
Keep On Moving
Franklin's Tower

Set 2:
Coming In From The Cold
Real Situation
Stop That Train
Could You Be Loved?

Set 3:

Three Little Birds
Roots, Rock, Reggae
Stir It Up
Junky Man
Concrete Jungle 


George Wesley - guitar, keyboards, vocals 
Chris Condell - drums, percussion, vocals 
Peter Fritz - bass guitar

you can listen to streaming audio of this show here:



a6b0b15545e219917950b57ce02ee068 *GW2007-07-26set1t01.flac
daefedc05a5a702d2bc564034e5a33de *GW2007-07-26set1t02.flac
99c2efae7a2309392681358b7cd0adbd *GW2007-07-26set1t03.flac
ef2ae2023c6ded22bb4d1da2deac4157 *GW2007-07-26set1t04.flac
0b020cbc91e5601a7f9250b30b5548ea *GW2007-07-26set1t05.flac
03391e82b021d1c86e0a71a84fd21437 *GW2007-07-26set2t01.flac
67acd14a38e627e8de14ccbba839d5ab *GW2007-07-26set2t02.flac
faa50144f69839dac98204526e332912 *GW2007-07-26set2t03.flac
e1e68bcdccb520394b99eb5957aded93 *GW2007-07-26set2t04.flac
7e13bf188385d4b747fedd265015ed23 *GW2007-07-26set2t05.flac
21a016e17dc5fadcfa7a47ff6f819e16 *GW2007-07-26set3t01.flac
132bc22936924d46ea19dad36b5099f8 *GW2007-07-26set3t02.flac
8212675ee10c756a12e5fd11e7b5ef9d *GW2007-07-26set3t03.flac
93d321b70b9707c7c353bb58663eab70 *GW2007-07-26set3t04.flac
78264cccde884f72f2580350743074f2 *GW2007-07-26set3t05.flac
07c9af419a91fe66bcca0aca9f17e948 *GW2007-07-26set3t06.flac

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