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Band:           String Cheese Incident
Torrent Name:   Comotion2000-10-07+SBD+
Uploaded by:    n2thelite
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508561

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
King Cat Theater - Seattle, WA  (this very well could be wrong... please see notes)



Set 1:  
Thank You, 
Marshaul McKanger, 
Borja Du Fatta, 
Oh Lei, 
In the Pines, 
Celtus Mobius 2000, 
Gator Strut > Drums  
Encore:  Brazilian Choros  
Notes:  this show i believe was labeled wrong in my book... so I really do not know where this show is from... its damn good though.
it says 10-7-00 on my cd however, the tracs on this show do not match the set list from friends of cheese.
any feedback on the right show that this corresponds to would be apprieciated. this is an older show i found in my collection. 
i thought id share a few incidents in celebration of the upcoming Red Rox shows!

+ALx n2thelite at hotmail.com

Comotion is:
-Michael Kang - Mandolins
-Darol Anger - Violin
-Mike Marshall - Guitars, Mandolin, Cello and Ouditar
-Paul McCandless - Saxophones, Oboe, & Bass Clarinet
-Aaron Johnston - Drums
-Tye North - Bass

Track 1.flac:3a4e2c6098cb807e744b0a6c4947e97d
Track 2.flac:a5054d298f02bb7afffca72259a26d5e
Track 3.flac:bc6346d0397146ee174ee1b87c75a0cf
Track 4.flac:c3b4be8520baf6817367a31779b96e5d
Track 5.flac:595c06b7ce248af7eec6b86cf5a8138b
Track 6.flac:8ffa402a3cc82b2073cd7d11fc814507
Track 7.flac:f7d5b16215218a5e9c7a2e135cd527b8
Track 8.flac:3272e2f6ddca75053cbbeb70900282f9
Track 9.flac:bc8f41ebf22c2135098a75314d4a88df
Track 10.flac:a98dc78bf22f77d034e6144ddb5e7162
Track 11.flac:f844d11bed5f99a7d12cd11a8868be8f
Track 12.flac:e09cf905f0826187896db8671ad7d96c
Track 13.flac:d32463b1028f0d79b5635eebae8dd544
Track 14.flac:5af9ba1f7699d22594ffdf11b4fa2706
Track 15.flac:a4cd65143d88d7e9b113cd65562684ad
Track 16.flac:b74095afc8e31446edc6e0eaefcb20e4
Track 17.flac:21978db9714981b8a8e47df475d9a4a4
Track 18.flac:995326aa851d08f46ad1bd3fa33e0b20

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