[bittorrent] Grateful Dead (-: *68* :-) Bellarmine College, Louisville KY - 12/07/68 [SBD.16944]

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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   Grateful Dead (-: *68* :-) Bellarmine College, Louisville KY - 12/07/68 [SBD.16944]
Uploaded by:    SteveSw
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/16944
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508547

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Description / text file:
(-: *68* :-)

I"m reseeding something from March, sorry. But I couldn't boost the March seed (all sorts of non-canonical files ;) ). So I"m offering....

Grateful Dead
12/7/68 Bellarmine College Louisville, KY

Disc One
1. Dark Star>
2.St. Stephen>
3.The Eleven Jam
4. Death Don't Have No Mercy//
5./The Other One>
6. Cryptical Envelopment>
7. New Potato Caboose

Disc Two:
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine//
3. /It Hurts Me Too
4. Morning Dew >
5. And We Bid You Goodnight


39c6e02d7f0bbeb320a241568c2cf433 *GD 68-12-07 D2T05.shn
9747eb2829de662218981cd5b32b5f3e *GD 68-12-07 D1T02.shn
56a86dd9cc40ae48fbee0f908978b1ae *GD 68-12-07 D1T03.shn
3cb8f6bcf3198d8cad8c7f7f95b1630b *GD 68-12-07 D1T04.shn
6f12d79d325264ddc6aa448bf7423411 *GD 68-12-07 D1T05.shn
24e4ebfd5efac2a7a017d863df5aca9d *GD 68-12-07 D1T06.shn
012f5c4f07ab93b0fa7fc616cf66a30f *GD 68-12-07 D1T07.shn
ffb4d989f146937d32cd0e30fab1793f *GD 68-12-07 D2T01.shn
e57a1a7e684aa1ee240be38b69f756e3 *GD 68-12-07 D2T02.shn
efed6ed9980ca5afdbf0948fa21db1da *GD 68-12-07 D2T03.shn
25975cb21a8d67da9a0b0e47bc4bfcb2 *GD 68-12-07 D2T04.shn
29c8bc492813db35aefbc69eb097cba8 *GD 68-12-07 D1T01.shn

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