[bittorrent] phish 1995-11-30 nutter center - dayton, oh *new source* akg461

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Fri Jul 27 16:45:02 MDT 2007

Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   phish 1995-11-30 nutter center - dayton, oh *new source* akg461
Uploaded by:    jdmatt68
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508540

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/jdmatt68

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
ervin j. nutter center
dayton, oh

set 1

disc 1
Sample in a Jar, The Curtain, Ha Ha Ha, Julius, NICU, Bathtub Gin, Rift, Fast Enough For You, 
Lizards, Fire

set 2

disc 2
Cars Trucks and Buses, Tweezer-> Makisupa Policeman-> Run Like an Antelope, Scent of a Mule, 
Free, Strange Design, Amazing Grace*, E: Harry Hood

* not on this source

source: akg460b/ck61>b18>SBM1>D7, by JK
transfer: DATmaster>cd(1) by JK, cd(1)>eac>flac, by john m 2007-07-27

 - phish113095d101.flac:7eea2d9c784e0ffb11a14dd12b018a17
 - phish113095d102.flac:d3f264e5abd0c733e66dcf4fa9043505
 - phish113095d103.flac:ea4d20a3b8a72a1d130bfda3c3b5aed3
 - phish113095d104.flac:8b5d6ad8c763f5dcaf28a4699ef7d76c
 - phish113095d105.flac:c16f36c7bc2c1576bcf685248bb6fd22
 - phish113095d106.flac:c32c9794d82bef54ccf9efd8c12fb73a
 - phish113095d107.flac:1e93d16f6c4ee9860159ce0a5c0b6e90
 - phish113095d108.flac:4b05c9086d4b7f4d78895c3a08eb3599
 - phish113095d109.flac:dda842d1afc50da5903f71ad03c5641a
 - phish113095d110.flac:44281a0d2805690ddf76735dce3eded2
 - phish113095d201.flac:0ec7eddeff8bfa18eef65dc95f9977d3
 - phish113095d202.flac:c18d5bf6bd08f19289c89ce1d7adfd92
 - phish113095d203.flac:9f38357d5f3a3d22683893d243e1c43e
 - phish113095d204.flac:1b0674a7b27cddf4d1dfb09347a44b55
 - phish113095d205.flac:6096c4d051b41d2bb623ad544fc6921c
 - phish113095d206.flac:90793a10abe4a818b4e5311b1aaedbaf
 - phish113095d207.flac:a280977bc663e29bac20b3a586e9c784
 - phish113095d301.flac:3a003c2bb8a345f571d46fd8b4c59958

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