[bittorrent] SCI2000-05-27+SBD+Rancho Alegra Damas, Costa Rica

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Band:           String Cheese Incident
Torrent Name:   SCI2000-05-27+SBD+Rancho Alegra Damas, Costa Rica
Uploaded by:    n2thelite
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508519

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Description / text file:
String Cheese Incident
Rancho Alegra
Damas, Costa Rica


MLT >  
Born On The Wrong Planet  
Lost > Jam > 
Jungle Boogie * > Jam > 
Black Clouds 
What Do You Make of the Stars  
Red Snapper #
Best Feeling *#
White Freightliner 
Shaking The Tree 
Drifting Away  
On The Road 
Land's End > 
San Jose 
E: Breathe #
E: People Get Ready *#@
E2: Sittin' on Top of The World 

* w/ John Forte (Fugees).
# w/ Keller Williams.
@ w/ Ben Taylor

+ this is an old John O recording... sound is A+. cheese was playing at their best during this period. in celebration of the final shows i thought id share some older shows. see yall at Red Rox! 

upload: Al n2thelite at hotmail.com

Track 1.flac:ee80cc94976edb854c4de780c17ef930
Track 2.flac:82a70be1e1f71cbb8738ecd8d550f4a4
Track 3.flac:18c439a82251fa83baddee5505a563b2
Track 4.flac:70bc1f43e2d70d5c56ba78b421a2e5cf
Track 5.flac:0b9d3c7d316b1a9ead730507befd8255
Track 6.flac:e8e008e443a730ee8a93264670264119
Track 7.flac:e15b06cf68c5a146379718a9962a3b63
Track 8.flac:4b41218323ecbce2ae34f253a3ac19c0
Track 9.flac:5e3c2fc35d1cc09bb6d467fcbf3d5612
Track 10.flac:c3d5a5cf77d8f8cfdd2b6722674a0da8
Track 11.flac:9c26cdeab54424a44218902b0cfb5b0e
Track 12.flac:1418f6a0c82bb2b78655e7591dbbfa16
Track 13.flac:df02ab54a87b3a2d23fd09e2326c85c6
Track 14.flac:3d36c96d3e90cb614bf90348e9d460a6
Track 15.flac:076b949f7d837084cd9ffd886d02746b
Track 16.flac:2aa9cb6e405c04754f6ea25543d4ebe0
Track 17.flac:a2b211ec337c6549c2591ef56a13c1ba
Track 18.flac:80c1cdb05619d628af777bbde1bdd0b5
Track 19.flac:7aac68df735fdcd58278b60175723ae5
Track 20.flac:bb82fb355389b27dbab5f53db7c0aea9
Track 21.flac:5d0b893f1ae617488b87641330e015b6
Track 22.flac:797038de17462e510d28b7f0bfda1547
Track 23.flac:94e14f181033fda032c198bd54f4ecff
Track 24.flac:9520082afa00140893e3f80607452c37
Track 25.flac:330efc8e2935ee463a465cbb5b843cf9
Track 26.flac:4a98e1cdf119863a3a23349846e136c3

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