[bittorrent] Kate Gaffney Band , Blueberry Festival, Bethlehem, PA 2007-07-20 AKG414's

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Torrent Name:   Kate Gaffney Band , Blueberry Festival, Bethlehem, PA 2007-07-20 AKG414's
Uploaded by:    wklitz
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Description / text file:
Kate Gaffney Band
Blueberry Festival-Burnside Plantation
Blue Cadillac Stage
Bethlehem, PA
July 20 ,2007

Andrew Lipke on bass, Adam Davis on guitar, David Rainey on drums

AKG C414B-XLS Blumlein FOB > Neve Portico +silk > SD722 (24/96) 
(center ~25ft from stage)
post processing with Samplitude SE8
recorded and processed by michael miller

01 Introduction
02 She Knows
03 Fallen For the Road (reggae version)
04 Tired Wired
05 Ballad of Sleepy John
06 I Know You Rider
07 I know You Rider reprise >
08 Philadelphia Lawyer
09 Women Be Wise
10 Falls Bridge >
11 Folsom Prison Blues
12 Why I Love You
13 Before I Go
14 My Kind Of Man (?)
15 The Coachman

8d258c931a935fcc62d38a7a0c665699 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t01.flac
c2e20ab1ac5ac1dd8bee6bb630156334 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t02.flac
1202b6120c2011af5e6112dbadac5963 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t03.flac
4f27b15b518a82275fe35a0e6d4b3b10 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t04.flac
75ba4ac304e65740aae6dbf5ff71f27d *kgaffney20070720_1644_t05.flac
a3230b4e072478585a6465d3b9225d2c *kgaffney20070720_1644_t06.flac
f5d761021f55c19b1043c302cb3b38c6 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t07.flac
ff0e897f0d6334f42239883622819c54 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t08.flac
c21b18e9456c61a41e76006c72140efc *kgaffney20070720_1644_t09.flac
00f420a836a04a4bb3235da7cf065d34 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t10.flac
e180d86d4a96227ce81b3b5402c7816f *kgaffney20070720_1644_t11.flac
5316012f57a4f78f8aca668da818f3e0 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t13.flac
03bfc2565253e715c69f9e2472f395ec *kgaffney20070720_1644_t14.flac
52fec49b467c4b0094ab513029a48726 *kgaffney20070720_1644_t15.flac

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