[bittorrent] WSP 7/21/07 Radio City Music Hall (Schoeps 4mic matrix)

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Band:           Widespread Panic
Torrent Name:   WSP 7/21/07 Radio City Music Hall (Schoeps 4mic matrix)
Uploaded by:    sonicsound
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508425

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Description / text file:
Widespread Panic
Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY


Schoeps mk41v (dina, fob) > kc5 > m222 > nt222 + mk5 (omni, nos, fob) kc5 > cmc6 > lunatec V3 (analog out) > SD744T (24/96); Wavelab 5 (matrix, fades, resample, dither UV22HR, tracking)

Recorded By: SonicSound

Set 1 (disk 1):
01. This Part Of Town
02. Climb To Safety*
03. Dyin' Man
04. Who Do You Belong To?
05. Bust It Big > 
06. Smokestack Lightning >
07. Blue Indian
08. Fishwater**
09. Bowlegged Woman

Set 2 (disk 2):
01. Time Zones
02. Action Man
03. Machine* > 
04. Barstools And Dreamers**
05. Good People** >
06. Chilly Water** > Jam** >
07. Maggot Brain** >
08. Imitation Leather Shoes** >
09. Chilly Water**

Encore (disk 3):
01. Let's Get The Show On The Road**
02. Rock**
03. Flat Foot Flewzy**

* with Steve Lopez on percussion
** with Wally Ingram on percussion

af0e8003ad60f67d4b8f830e7d47d080 *wsp2007-07-21d1t01.flac
f41c98b2822bdb7b2c5eff02d5c37b2d *wsp2007-07-21d1t02.flac
de71bdb34e1a348aa589a6b4394f1c29 *wsp2007-07-21d1t03.flac
de347a9e6a3a19d32a90ca86fe18dd35 *wsp2007-07-21d1t04.flac
f3aa041be62ea2557134a4883e7b7552 *wsp2007-07-21d1t05.flac
1d7c64c08a0d38d541c5bf1a6c682f6b *wsp2007-07-21d1t06.flac
39a440cccd2fa5a23776923c9810a89c *wsp2007-07-21d1t07.flac
2a2f3dd84401194d2e4698c7a1ec3994 *wsp2007-07-21d1t08.flac
fb1fbe7c06c6ac06a289db648454909e *wsp2007-07-21d1t09.flac
589662dd5f1b8a1dfeecac09b5fbe850 *wsp2007-07-21d2t01.flac
da0da4434408750e1f8650c1360f096d *wsp2007-07-21d2t02.flac
4f9228968824ffd98d66afb23365284b *wsp2007-07-21d2t03.flac
37d8a80412287f2ab78a993d1c8ae64e *wsp2007-07-21d2t04.flac
b06b600f682c6c2cb4e0d0f627ef60dc *wsp2007-07-21d2t05.flac
5ff3eb9d6318a41a7117bc0fe0f63391 *wsp2007-07-21d2t06.flac
4025bbc82eb25c0d236d0d990a39f577 *wsp2007-07-21d2t07.flac
2869dd814d3cef22519f7be1c47cdf1f *wsp2007-07-21d2t08.flac
547947c0215526c43d8ba01242aa9550 *wsp2007-07-21d2t09.flac
84777a499c286c0c4882e22199f491bb *wsp2007-07-21d3t01.flac
04451b9ce8ce41098f3142ae00b7c140 *wsp2007-07-21d3t02.flac
af9eefb71d93a1ecd05f6b592fbabce3 *wsp2007-07-21d3t03.flac

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