[bittorrent] Devon Allman's Honeytribe - 2007.07.20 - Pittsburgh, PA

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Torrent Name:   Devon Allman's Honeytribe - 2007.07.20 - Pittsburgh, PA
Uploaded by:    Javit1972
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508396

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Description / text file:
Devon Allman's Honeytribe
Pittsburgh Blues Festival
Pittsburgh, PA

Taped/transfered/seeded by Adam Harbaugh

AKG 391's (DIN) > Edirol UA-5 digimod > JB3 @ 44.1k
JB3 > USB > PC > Adobe Audition (tracking)

Disc 1

1.   Mahalo* ->
2.  Checkin On My Baby
3.  Heaven Has No Mercy
4.  Sweet Little Angel
5.  Nothin to be Sad About
6.  Why You Wanna Bring Me Down
7.  Wild Horses
8.  Torch
9.  Guitar Teases
10. One Way Out

* First minute and a half were ruined due to being set up at the wrong stage.  Goes from barely audible to excellent as myself and another taper run my rig and stand 100yds from the main stage to the second stage while recording.  PA problems present during some of the recording.

d1t1 - Mahalo.flac:ce959aa8a5ea336556beb725d071e2a7
d1t2 - Checkin On My Baby.flac:2d6e651f4d3c0a96fb3b36372d3b3164
d1t3 - Heaven Has No Mercy.flac:0f1ad03c948fad1ae504325e82885c9c
d1t4 - Sweet Little Angel.flac:3045c663ce6cd35a4d708e6dc4d20473
d1t5 - Nothin to be Sad About.flac:bdb967d4716536c1988ce1a13728a607
d1t6 - Why You Wanna Bring Me Down.flac:4b09f8163403f88e3adbeb8f9deaae28
d1t7 - Wild Horses.flac:58e94b9043713ecd8b068be08b62546a
d1t8 - Torch.flac:c4536606e33ee247c5134abf8a713c0b
d1t9 - Guitar Teases.flac:12dbbb28e5b9ddbea0d2b1aef375231d
d1t10 - One Way Out.flac:c7a9b7d1108e6f25a1cfcbe32f2454c6

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