[bittorrent] MMW - Blue Note Club, London, England - 1997-03-19.os.schoeps-cmc621.shnf [The Shack Project]

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Band:           Medeski, Martin & Wood
Torrent Name:   MMW - Blue Note Club, London, England - 1997-03-19.os.schoeps-cmc621.shnf [The Shack Project]
Uploaded by:    duggy
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/1592
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508390

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Medeski Martin & Wood 
Blue Note Club - London, England
Source: Schoeps CMC621's (on-stage) >Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD500E
Conversion: Panasonic 3700 spdif > Zefiro ZA2 > CD Wave

Seeded to jojosarfo.org by Pete Rocco (pete at jojosarfo.org).
Conversion, Shorten and Upload by Fred Dickinson.

One Set Only

Disc One:

1.  Macha >
2.  Wiggly's Way
3.  Beeah
4.  The Lover >
5.  Dracula >  
6.  Henduck  
7.  Think

Disc Two:

1.  Bubblehouse
2.  Night Marchers >
3.  Jelly Belly >   
4.  Drum Solo >  
5.  Bass Solo >
6.  Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Youself
7.  Crosstown Traffic
8.  E: Chubb Sub

42a73b97771014ac9947d81d4ab6595d *mmw97-03-19d1t01.shn
44e3c21d5667c90b6558a9a5edb7a367 *mmw97-03-19d1t02.shn
fc896782fceff2902b68077ed7743594 *mmw97-03-19d1t03.shn
77eed03e2152e70f65d39514ba0c8b1b *mmw97-03-19d1t04.shn
b8b0e42ad5ff7bb25d05b98a0a219b44 *mmw97-03-19d1t05.shn
18fc9c0abad3042a184363e7a7d3cdb5 *mmw97-03-19d1t06.shn
9f841a637a11193c5775c329e46523b7 *mmw97-03-19d1t07.shn
50897201a7e088926fc968bd672d3001 *mmw97-03-19d2t01.shn
3b679644efde145cbe8fc5770ddba0b4 *mmw97-03-19d2t02.shn
1d93d6f61211319b1b2d2b43dc0c6a3a *mmw97-03-19d2t03.shn
639f1b8b4fcd22aee679c0711997bdf8 *mmw97-03-19d2t04.shn
87ae6b36ee319791fd6932155e8eb28b *mmw97-03-19d2t05.shn
e24f1abc0d099fa59d50c198a6af8553 *mmw97-03-19d2t06.shn
30574ae08c49d59f4bd4aa7b98d9bf67 *mmw97-03-19d2t07.shn
97807b0e619ba84d5dbf940bc779c6c5 *mmw97-03-19d2t08.shn

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