[bittorrent] WSP 7/17/07 Tower Theater (Schoeps Mk41v>m222>nt222>744t FOB)*24Bit*

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Thu Jul 19 18:57:18 MDT 2007

Band:           Widespread Panic
Torrent Name:   WSP 7/17/07 Tower Theater (Schoeps Mk41v>m222>nt222>744t FOB)*24Bit*
Uploaded by:    sonicsound
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508333

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/sonicsound

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Widespread Panic
Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA


Schoeps mk41v (dina, fob) > kc5 > m222 > nt222 + *mk8 (blumlein, fob) kc5 > cmc6 > lunatec V3 (analog out) > SD744T (24/96); Wavelab 5 (matrix, fades, tracking)

Recorded By: SonicSound

Set 1:
01. From The Cradle> 
02. Worry>
03. Happy
04. It Ain't No Use> 
05. I'm Not Alone
06. Weight Of The World
07. Holden Oversoul> 
08. Christmas Katie> 
09. Makes Sense To Me

Set 2:
01. Papa Johnny Road>
02. Send Your Mind
03. Rebirtha
04. Stag-O-Lee> 
05. Fishwater
06. Travelin' Man> 
07. Driving Song> 
08. Airplane> 
09. Driving Song> 
10. Solid Rock

11. Trouble>
12. Ain't Life Grand

* Set 1  part of track 2 (Worry) is a matrix w/ mk8's & 41v's

300d12f14e653015cdaaad27fb7537a3 *wsp2007-07-17s1t01.flac
c08478c749b48715958eee9999ab0f97 *wsp2007-07-17s1t02.flac
7ef80cfa835871b77c1a0c65718b9021 *wsp2007-07-17s1t03.flac
17158a583c17431fde97587c92d17a67 *wsp2007-07-17s1t04.flac
f5094b51b9dc464c2db62a784044b716 *wsp2007-07-17s1t05.flac
0ffa48e04bfc604ef1e3330b07161e20 *wsp2007-07-17s1t06.flac
182cf47a5036d52402c3d91030d6da34 *wsp2007-07-17s1t07.flac
0326d760ea835ad126a2a1dfd63677a8 *wsp2007-07-17s1t08.flac
1b425a501982b1cd2a007ef8b19ea7cd *wsp2007-07-17s1t09.flac
e71bf8b9922d3354e7a9b55e838ff32b *wsp2007-07-17s1t10.flac
5988efc64dc142fcaca176f7989a03b5 *wsp2007-07-17s2t01.flac
b383c41a7f64cce89cd54cb963a9ca15 *wsp2007-07-17s2t02.flac
706a39eec299c8f5b5d93c093fcd4b6d *wsp2007-07-17s2t03.flac
3a19c40f471c01ce64b8dd263abfda56 *wsp2007-07-17s2t04.flac
6379845759549e15362bba15583c4582 *wsp2007-07-17s2t05.flac
43557e5acff4dd24dcfdfde4445a6c23 *wsp2007-07-17s2t06.flac
a470286fe4249fb482284bb53af9d760 *wsp2007-07-17s2t07.flac
84c219e913d820b5b0682fe4f247a47f *wsp2007-07-17s2t08.flac
5c86805e8585e44889b0aa4572e80135 *wsp2007-07-17s2t09.flac
6cef6ea9cbbdb4bc6e0d5de69bec26e8 *wsp2007-07-17s2t10.flac
1042233983e2c6593b8598c5589a302c *wsp2007-07-17s2t11.flac
8421d740201daeb99525659fa7a22139 *wsp2007-07-17s2t12.flac

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