[bittorrent] J.J. Grey And Mofro 4-20-07 House Of Blues Nice 4 mic Aud Flac

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Band:           Mofro
Torrent Name:   J.J. Grey And Mofro 4-20-07 House Of Blues Nice 4 mic Aud Flac
Uploaded by:    Marksound
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J.J. Grey And Mofro
April 20th 2007
House Of Blues

Time: 125.27
Quality: A 
Position : FOB DFC 9 ft. high
Recorded with : 4 mic Mix (65%/35% mix)
  65) AKG 414XLS (Blumlein) > Edirol UA-5 > Optical > Iriver H120
  35) Peluso CEMC-6 (Cards) > PS2 > Zefiro Inbox > Optical > H120 
Transfer: H120s > USB > Magix Audio Cleaning lab > Wav > Flac


Intro > Jam
By My Side
Country Ghetto
That Boy
How Junior Got His Head Put On
A Woman
Foorsteps >
Six Ways From Sunday
The Sun Is Shining Down

Is Mofro not one of the best bands going right now? They added those horn players and DAMN they sound good!! I was just gonna put up the AKG source, but since I ran Blumlein, I had WAY too much crowd noise. Lots of Chit chat
going on considering the talent of the band playing. I just scored some Pelusos the week before and wanted to do some side by side comparisons, so I ran both. I added the Peluso mix and it did quiet down the crowd noise, but its still
there... On the good side the MUSIC on here sounds GREAT!! H.O.B. has a great mix in there. I didnt split this into a cd1 and cd2, just the tracks.. The band was hot and its worth your download time!
Mark E

Oh, and help me with the 2 tunes I didnt know...
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