[bittorrent] Peter Rowan Quartet-American Roots fest 7/01/2007 DSBD

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Band:           Peter Rowan & Tony Rice
Torrent Name:   Peter Rowan Quartet-American Roots fest 7/01/2007 DSBD
Uploaded by:    davelive
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508266

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Description / text file:
Peter Rowan Quartet 
American Roots Festival
Falling Waters, WVA 7/1/2007

Panama Red
Hobo Song
Wild Horses
In The Pines
Shady Grove (instrumental)
Dust Bowl Children
To Live Is To Fly
Cold Rain & Snow
The Walls Of Time
Midnight Moonlight
encore: Free Mexican Air force

Line up: Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Sharon Gillcrest & Catherine Popper

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