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Band:           Drive-By Truckers
Torrent Name:   DBT 7/6/2007 HSMF Main Stage mod461>aerco mp2>722 FLAC16
Uploaded by:    terrapinj
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508240

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Description / text file:
Drive By Truckers
July 6, 2007
High Sierra Music Festival
Main Stage
Quincy, CA

Source:		JW mod AKG 460/ck61 (DIN) > AERCO MP-2 > 722
Location:	FOB ~ Slight LOC ~ 40' from Stage ~ 8' High
Transfer:	722 > Firewire > Samplitude SE v8 > CD Wave 1.94.8
Lineage:	24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC (Level 6)
Editing:	Samplitude: Resampled to 44.1kHz (Ultra High 2)
		Waves L2: Threshold: 0; Dither to 16bit (IDR Type 1 Normal)
		CDWave: Tracking
		FLAC Frontend: FLAC Conversions (Level 6)

Taped and Edited by Mikey Jones (terrapinj AT gmail.com)

-One Set-


01  intro
02  The Living Bubba
03  Gravity's Gone
04  SinkHole
05  Uncle Frank
06  Puttin' People on the Moon
07  Marry Me
08  The Opening Act
09  ?
10  Lookout Mountain
11  Dead Drunk & Naked
12  Guitar Man Upstairs


01  World of Hurt
02  ?
03  Heathens
04  Women Without Whiskey
05  Road Cases
06  Let There Be Rock
07  Buttholeville >
08  State Trooper 

Patterson Hood - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Cooley - Guitar, Vocals
Shonna Tucker - Bass
Brad Morgan - Drums
John Neff - Pedal Steel, Guitar
Spooner Oldham - Keys

Thanks to James for use of the Aerco

692ef6b164388dea9e001658dd774c5d *dbt2007-07-06d1t01.flac
dba678420f6a9e2b92d1d5509eff3a71 *dbt2007-07-06d1t02.flac
3f9472168ee8bb69c2eb4076d1610dca *dbt2007-07-06d1t03.flac
df32ed3ba30da673496d37c6d3e98f79 *dbt2007-07-06d1t04.flac
940c9785a65f9f1c61cb32b79f6ed8cd *dbt2007-07-06d1t05.flac
628bda3c0c2ef79f79b4a8966372542e *dbt2007-07-06d1t06.flac
10ef05ef04c1fe3e8b18efc56bf2bc2a *dbt2007-07-06d1t07.flac
5906f7e3eee8fe356bb08b91c2e13444 *dbt2007-07-06d1t08.flac
a88347efff969e42439eca23783d794d *dbt2007-07-06d1t09.flac
dd761fb88dcfa7db7e3c6c44a1ce334d *dbt2007-07-06d1t10.flac
8b1b68149d720a0892f9f4d4d63887c3 *dbt2007-07-06d1t11.flac
0c1bd53c9f22c5356ace4de3e9f6aa66 *dbt2007-07-06d1t12.flac
fe6ff983d0a650fb1e8a57c9451575b8 *dbt2007-07-06d2t01.flac
92140799654a3b04c4c842b0d052526b *dbt2007-07-06d2t02.flac
aff21eb7f0c654de131ffe01bdeec75d *dbt2007-07-06d2t03.flac
6d5497db3a93a8bd7e4e7efc66d7271c *dbt2007-07-06d2t04.flac
72cac9cfcb6e9f5799dc649152549d06 *dbt2007-07-06d2t05.flac
ba0cc74bfadd0f24da47a693f9432dcf *dbt2007-07-06d2t06.flac
36be389fa50370147f241878d27f6a41 *dbt2007-07-06d2t07.flac
034cf6f738f3b2a5b21d4da49a6405b5 *dbt2007-07-06d2t08.flac

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