[bittorrent] YMSB 7/6/2007 HSMF Main Stage - mod461>aerco mp2>722 FLAC 16

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Band:           Yonder Mountain String Band
Torrent Name:   YMSB 7/6/2007 HSMF Main Stage - mod461>aerco mp2>722 FLAC 16
Uploaded by:    terrapinj
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508223

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Description / text file:
Yonder Mountain String Band
July 6, 2007
High Sierra Music Festival
Main Stage
Quincy, CA

Source:		JW mod AKG 460/ck61 (DIN) > AERCO MP-2 > 722
Location:	FOB ~ Slight LOC ~ 40' from Stage ~ 8' High
Transfer:	722 > Firewire > Samplitude SE v8 > CD Wave 1.94.8
Lineage:	24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC (Level 6)
Editing:	Samplitude: Resampled to 44.1kHz (Ultra High 2)
		Waves L2: Threshold: -2; Dither to 16bit (IDR Type 1 Normal)
		CDWave: Tracking
		FLAC Frontend: FLAC Conversions (Level 6)

Taped and Edited by Mikey Jones (terrapinj AT gmail.com)

-One Set-


01  intro
02  Angel
03  How 'Bout You?
04  Another Day
05  Nothin' But Nothin' 
06  Southbound
07  Rain Still Falls
08  Sometime's I've Won 
09  On The Run > 
10  Death Trip > 
11  On The Run
12  Fine Excuses
13  Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong


01  Red Tail Lights
02  Red Rocking Chair
03  Sidewalk Stars
04  Dawn's Early Light > 
05  King Ebeneezer > 
06  Raleigh & Spencer 
07  crowd
08  Two Hits & The Joint Turned Brown

505f96b429290575384339ecb4b663fa *ymsb2007-07-06d1t01.flac
2b022ab6094aa1b5a247bfd55638a70c *ymsb2007-07-06d1t02.flac
af75f6ab7584c5ffd14961e75bad65be *ymsb2007-07-06d1t03.flac
6f9bafe3dd877065f4c0a82c8415e976 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t04.flac
eadccd348216ba1f4a630276b879bb32 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t05.flac
2a27669a57c95275cbc2877ad35c21d5 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t06.flac
66c33b9517d2367b263cbd095d0c0dbe *ymsb2007-07-06d1t07.flac
743515837d52293a0f731fb58cd89a83 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t08.flac
e3690c09d83b365a403ce7fedd873ce9 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t09.flac
905df8a1024ae0e00fc855baff83c523 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t10.flac
3d99a5b3f64a6a28a26ab2aaa807a99a *ymsb2007-07-06d1t11.flac
52344243c5cfb1d2b745e92e5518b1d2 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t12.flac
bd8c16f0ddbbd236aa07c397f1c10381 *ymsb2007-07-06d1t13.flac
0262ed86b5764469a41a5ebaa6b85fff *ymsb2007-07-06d2t01.flac
9a9d37062538cb5e90412eddd3465115 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t02.flac
63df690f30228e66c96d212f7d426801 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t03.flac
d94971d9e21f7f7169f6037860e5c7e8 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t04.flac
a9b4ae7c641515db9fdc52285cefe047 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t05.flac
f2010c5ef6a26ba9350a782f51bdd4a0 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t06.flac
19e4b190c1e0190cafc536c8512578c0 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t07.flac
edac989c7741db91ec895d869fac98a0 *ymsb2007-07-06d2t08.flac

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