[bittorrent] Ratdog 2007 07 09 16 Bit FIX

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Sun Jul 15 11:24:24 MDT 2007

Band:           Ratdog
Torrent Name:   Ratdog 2007 07 09 16 Bit FIX
Uploaded by:    smolarjo
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508220

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/smolarjo

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
FIX I believe I got it right this time.  

converted to 16 bit from the original seed. 

Digital [24 bit/48khz] Audience Recording> 

Left of FOB (Facing Stage): SP C4 > HYDRA stereo XLR cables > Lunatec V3 > Core Sound S/PDIF 75-Ohm Coaxial Cable > Marantz PMD 671 [24/48]

Transfer: PMD 671>USB>.wav>CD Wave Editor>Flac Fronted>Flac downsampled to 16 bit/41.1hz. using Audacity > wav > traders little helper > flac

Taped and Transferred by Pmonk

1. Tomorrow Never Knows>
2. Playing in the Band>
3. Rambling Rose
4. El Paso
5. Corrina
6. The Weight
7. Good Morning School Girl
8. Help On The Way>
9. Slipknot>
10. Jam>
11. Drum Solo>
12. Dear Prudence>
13. Bird Song> (With Keller Williams)
14. Slipknot> (With Keller Williams)
15. Franklin Towers (With Keller Williams)
16. U.S. Blues


rd2007-07-09t01_Dear Prudence.flac:5dbe65ec92b1933f2580dbfb33ca4463
rd2007-07-09t02_Playing in the Band.flac:ea9ac314797917a8dca11b1285ab6258
rd2007-07-09t03_Rambling Rose.flac:f2dc35c37a71edfb8818451e5c551688
rd2007-07-09t04_El Paso.flac:522d74654bc305f174fda128b59d31a2
rd2007-07-09t06_The Weight.flac:ea82845f39206cbf235b7391de50ffdb
rd2007-07-09t07_Good Morning School Girl.flac:5e422267ffa3998278d2005907ddb93f
rd2007-07-09t08_Help On The Way.flac:5b92088aea33a84ae44faf37941dd168
rd2007-07-09t11_Drum Solo.flac:def9d1e2b916605bd66b7fde5fca79e7
rd2007-07-09t12_Dear Prudence.flac:b37770aaa856997b7af43ffbaea76ee1
rd2007-07-09t13_Bird Song.flac:29f5e56473090e2bfd325c688283906c
rd2007-07-09t15_Franklin's Tower.flac:31fa538c0eaa3715979ea78a527686a7
rd2007-07-09t16_U.S. Blues.flac:2d2df37614460485afec9af067439b9a

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