[bittorrent] Los Lobos 2007-07-10, Ottawa Blues Festival, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Band:           Los Lobos
Torrent Name:   Los Lobos 2007-07-10, Ottawa Blues Festival, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Uploaded by:    bradmcmail
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508214

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Description / text file:
Los Lobos
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Ottawa Blues Festival (River Stage), Ottawa, ON

Source: matched Oktava MC-012 (cardioid,90*/30cm,FOB,DFC) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade digi-mod,44.1kHz) > optical > Creative Nomad JB3 (WAV)
Transfer: Creative Nomad JB3 > SB1394 > Creative Soundblaster Audigy > CDWav > Shorten-3.5.1

d1t01 Key To The Highway
d1t02 Killing Floor
d1t03 Don't Worry Baby
d1t04 Chuco's Cumbia
d1t05 Hearts Of Stone
d1t06 Maria Christina
d1t07 sound difficulties
d1t08 Let's Say Goodnight
d1t09 Soy Mexico Americano
d1t10 Improvised Blues Tease
d1t11 The Neighborhood

d2t01 Luz De Mi Vida
d2t02 Georgia Slop
d2t03 Chains Of Love
d2t04 You Got To Lose
d2t05 guest artists enter
d2t06 The Fat Man *
d2t07 I Got Loaded *
d2t08 Cumbia Raza *
d2t09 call for encore
d2t10 Cinnamon Girl**

* With Chris Duarte & Elmer Ferrer on guitar and The Texas Horns on trumpet and saxophones.
** Neil Young cover.

1. The levels are a little low.
2. The band was having sound/equipment problems throughout the show.
3. The set list was taken from


Taped and transferred by BradM (bradmcmail at yahoo.ca).

64285b1981b6c4b2653a957d75fba062 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t01.shn
b70e197fdb2abfc1dd259ff3978dee88 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t02.shn
c72275e5d51fdb96f85fb70264411ad0 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t03.shn
4531eefa233062da2bb4864030913347 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t04.shn
a757a8d3358ce1ffde6d58cd9e02597f *loslobos2007-07-10d1t05.shn
836f6b9d0a1146af96d7d8f8c22ad4b2 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t06.shn
dcb0e3dac5dd810782c39fe95b299ce1 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t07.shn
e3d7d7d9476b1045932ec5113fecfe05 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t08.shn
6f131657aa6d81e4367079979c7d5ef7 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t09.shn
d6515eb16439a4a6b235c10861e50a9b *loslobos2007-07-10d1t10.shn
86f6d3155b852f0db104f83fa7bdce93 *loslobos2007-07-10d1t11.shn
c34e050a00ab104aa36ab5c1b8a17b83 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t01.shn
9a72574c0c30e06db934781a15e2fffb *loslobos2007-07-10d2t02.shn
c6b7ba6796d7532a88478133f84ec0c5 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t03.shn
8f5e78e89ad2e0b1987d4c134d372127 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t04.shn
c27a302ef48b58b720d64a3daffbf6a6 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t05.shn
247d72b3f2b979b67b4f4cdf5add0f1c *loslobos2007-07-10d2t06.shn
42fb8638eaf38f9c8a47e6bde282e65a *loslobos2007-07-10d2t07.shn
79d3daf827b1940e3f961f6def9996b0 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t08.shn
be7ff51c0e5f3526107ea6318e507075 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t09.shn
e646b9512ec9277c399e506956e706b3 *loslobos2007-07-10d2t10.shn

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