[bittorrent] Government Mule - Longhorn, Stuttart, Germany (Neumann KM184s)

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Band:           Govt Mule
Torrent Name:   Government Mule - Longhorn, Stuttart, Germany (Neumann KM184s)
Uploaded by:    arnoschmidt
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/flac.torrent
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508203

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Description / text file:
Government Mule
WED, July 11, 2007 
Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany

AU, CFCard, M>(Neumann 184s>Tascam HD P2>CFCard, 24bit @ 192000Hz)>HD>WAV> Midiman Audiophile 24/96>WaveLab 6>downsampled to24bit, 41100Hz>FLAC

taper: Uwe Dehnel (UD), …[Uwe.Dehnel at t-online.de]

Blind Man In The Dark
Larger Than Life
No Need To Suffer
I'll Be The One	w/ Blue Sky tease
Unring The Bell
Lola Leave Your Light On
About To Rage
The Hunter*
32/20 Blues*

Child Of The Earth
I Think You Know What I Mean>
When The Levee Breaks>
I Think You Know What I Mean
Streamline Woman
Brand New Angel
Sad And Deep As You
Who Do You Love>
Les Breres In A-Minor tease>

Long Distance Call*
Gonna Send You Back To Georgia*

*   w/ Hook Herrera

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 15.07.2007 00:06:28

54822749fd56f0e9a8e61d5e5ff39358 *gm 071107 pass.jpg
2875ebdd50adca5eeea514b96bb3bf81 *gm071107 d01tr01 blind man in the dark.flac
2643ce0f6d8f1da0c074da03e814dd35 *gm071107 d01tr02 larger than life.flac
0a237da29e9daf61c6dfd9b9f64629a7 *gm071107 d01tr03 no need to suffer.flac
6da1b75276c42316368ce49d877306ad *gm071107 d01tr04 i'll be the one.flac
b14dcf93c524c24566a34aedbe9a45f8 *gm071107 d01tr05 unring the bell.flac
cc080897a67d84ba38051f779b345dda *gm071107 d01tr06 lola leve your light on.flac
502084b3eb707ca39a0130895fdaef30 *gm071107 d01tr07 about to rage.flac
e5c4843b07555093fc49c00fe194995d *gm071107 d01tr08 the hunter.flac
474206f6911193b356deadc1684e926c *gm071107 d01tr09 32_20 blues.flac
1885928f1f804312737a007d93e4e8e6 *gm071107 d02tr10 child of the earth.flac
7ba2c13f69253956495c7bf4c08238e4 *gm071107 d02tr11 i think you know what i mean.flac
47fc4975111ec452c5ffa6013a3a0a84 *gm071107 d02tr12 when the levee breaks.flac
3e1e3e19b58c6fa1f669f2124f3cbd61 *gm071107 d02tr13 i think you know what i mean.flac
4b9ff037e7eb918fa3bf5fb0b32e689e *gm071107 d02tr14 streamline woman.flac
4ce769a244838f13def9af01d9b7802e *gm071107 d02tr15 brand new angel.flac
6e42374da5520709dec45ae3c5f24a41 *gm071107 d02tr16 drums.flac
84ccc21eb561c526d39a98f3b42d583c *gm071107 d02tr17 sad and deep as you.flac
de41d3cbf42f55d51b3f633dea3f888e *gm071107 d032tr19 who do you love.flac
2ef81d04e7632d610a6450d8e1dc181d *gm071107 d03tr18 mule.flac
de41d3cbf42f55d51b3f633dea3f888e *gm071107 d03tr19 who do you love.flac
189f76701b7abc8d2f58f59819db908d *gm071107 d03tr20 mule.flac
fe7595d44f6341cefdd6c2a41c443a28 *gm071107 d03tr21 soulshine.flac
730c6e6befc63bd9f79ac79bfda68a18 *gm071107 d03tr22 long distance call.flac
f068dddffd68214af0f77f1d66bcf820 *gm071107 d03tr23 gonna send you back to ga.flac
9871754e0f14dfa93acf19f6dd15777d *gm071107.txt
d5974ab1575ecf5e8a860f1427bec515 *gm071107ticket.jpg

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