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Torrent Name:   Col Bruce & Quark Alliance 2007-06-30 mk4
Uploaded by:    kluyfrtliu
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Description / text file:
Col Bruce Hampton and the Quark Alliance
Dunedin Brewery
Dunedin, Florida
Source Disc 1: Schoeps mk4/cmc6 -> Sound Devices 722 set up 10' from stage but venue set-up had both "stacks" pointing to the right so all sound coming from 1 "stack"
Source Disc 2: Schoeps mk4/cmc6 -> Sound Devices 722 moved stand to the stage and this set recorded with stand about 3.5' high DFC with stand shoved up against the stage

Disc 1:
1. Tuning
2. Working
3. It's Not Over
4. Basically
5. Open the Door
6. Invest
7. It Will Happen
8. Compared To What
9. Fixin To Die

Disc 2:
1. Got You Covered
2. Poverty
3. All Simplicity
4. Bluegrass
5. Talk So Loud
6. Merged Moons
7. Its Time
8. Yield

CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t01 Tuning.flac:e4cce27e6cdef9010acb284bed318e6b
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t02 Working.flac:34fa5b064278ef6936910e07fe8b495a
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t03 It's Not Over.flac:7e6163e7a2d99355cfc45d9ffdeae93c
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t04 Basically.flac:c6dd437492c1f36a318249e213793737
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t05 Open the Door.flac:0024107f4c008fa5a83fbd4674e04ca9
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t06 Invest.flac:dcd9d3b2057bf50459cd2972406862db
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t07 It Will Happen.flac:dcd1cfc3c0067a308210100d0cac83f1
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t08 Compared To What.flac:5e0fd4f1011c76e570612c8821b3b8ee
CBQA 2007-06-30 d1t09 Fixin To Die.flac:1c5b53d71104f2e65718e3ec344a1cda
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t01 Got You Covered.flac:474dc57c334c1a8ade7fbcd2d335c3ba
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t02 Poverty.flac:e94f7ed38c1de13fa6dc8a12336fc863
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t03 All Simplicity.flac:ca6fcffb3730fc38f46f5e4a0ec7f1db
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t04 Bluegrass.flac:6b904467611087757cdbcbdeef33a646
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t05 Talk So Loud.flac:c02e664f8f04549e5f7299286df595ab
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t06 Merged Moons.flac:e601125c5772cbdaba8148a1b680b1d6
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t07 Its Time.flac:2928efaf75427eb131e810fa88c01c11
CBQA 2007-06-30 d2t08 Yield.flac:7e2f1fbfad4500959c6436dfa81e314f

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