[bittorrent] Phish 1986-10-31 Sculpture Room at Goddard College - Plainfield, VT

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish 1986-10-31  Sculpture Room at Goddard College - Plainfield, VT
Uploaded by:    ytowndan
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Description / text file:
OSPS#5 -- Thanks to Miha Zupanek for making the CD Master of this show!

Sculpture Room at Goddard College
Plainfield, VT
SBD?> Cass(x) > DAT > CDR
Transferred by Travis from Miha's DAT

Disc 1:
   set 1
1.	Intro/Tuning	1:36
2.	Mustang Sally	5:38
3.	Camel Walk	6:28
4.	Golgi Apparatus	5:00
5.	Slave to the Traffic Light	6:44
6.	Melt the Guns>	3:23
7.	Dave's Energy Guide>	6:20
8.	Sneaking Sally Through the Alley	8:21
9.	Halley's Comet>	4:42
10.	Back Porch>	4:25
11.	Shaggy Dog	4:21
12.	Fluffhead	9:34
Total time: 66:38

Disc 2:
   set 2
1.	Jam>	5:46
2.	AC/DC Bag	5:55
3.	Swing Low Sweet Chariot Jam	2:14
4.	Peaches en Regalia	3:32
5.	David Bowie	10:19
6.	Have Mercy->	11:48
7.	Harry Hood	9:10
8.	Sanity	4:56
9.	Skin It Back->	5:57
10.	Icculus	3:24
11.	Alumni Blues	6:11
Total time: 69:17

	There were"cuts" between several of the tracks, probably someones crowd
noise edits and/or tape flips. I cross-faded them best I could. There is
one in the jam on Harry, cross faded it too, doesn't sound too bad. There
are a few points where one channel gets choppy. The worst was at the end of
Halleys where I mixed it to mono for a short section, it was that bad.
Finaly, to normalize I boosted the first set 2.5 db, and the second set 4.5

bbb0a23ac72d1d54910797ce66a5ada6 *ph86-10-31d1t01.shn
8714a3c8ec7af25813f01a029706bcec *ph86-10-31d1t02.shn
451cb954e03679f7e6201e2643abfec8 *ph86-10-31d1t03.shn
958055a599b7ae9fe32e16af1d0b32f0 *ph86-10-31d1t04.shn
60270ef22362d7ce44bac01709aa759d *ph86-10-31d1t05.shn
f7e2126d34388530647c8e338cceada6 *ph86-10-31d1t06.shn
ead6801d09a5c60c0430070e60656e19 *ph86-10-31d1t07.shn
fd398292eb1ddf25b53ba091da7082d9 *ph86-10-31d1t08.shn
5b2a0e956258366d3569c5116e35bc01 *ph86-10-31d1t09.shn
4dcad891c8834a9f72a8913ecb33a595 *ph86-10-31d1t10.shn
26d4a0be9cd8fe7e77aca9a6138ba5ee *ph86-10-31d1t11.shn
c501769ca1e8f7398bc2c8e42157ac43 *ph86-10-31d1t12.shn
6acba74794476b696a2c79558fe897d4 *ph86-10-31d2t01.shn
a7b9d80dc489ea462338faa3bdc076ef *ph86-10-31d2t02.shn
8b5205c80e713c9895ffa6e2fdd13420 *ph86-10-31d2t03.shn
be47a481c5a06b837276fd2ad50ea746 *ph86-10-31d2t04.shn
b83625bdacf20339fa8ba3d1b44ddd15 *ph86-10-31d2t05.shn
6cc34e506cbc6037e3f93ac87c39b9bd *ph86-10-31d2t06.shn
4efcd6531bab15a352dbddd85658f472 *ph86-10-31d2t07.shn
293607e5dd988fc5e3ba4a2caee1de16 *ph86-10-31d2t08.shn
8ba594ba03bb979e50772fa5613b2d04 *ph86-10-31d2t09.shn
3de26cd4c35c3ba9bc202e39132c1522 *ph86-10-31d2t10.shn
b39f6a4cca81ab086ffa89070973bc0e *ph86-10-31d2t11.shn

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