[bittorrent] COdetalkers 7-6-2007 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA (Soundboard)

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Band:           The Code Talkers
Torrent Name:   COdetalkers 7-6-2007 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA (Soundboard)
Uploaded by:    scott420brown
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Description / text file:
The Codetalkers
July 6th, 2007
Smith's Olde Bar
Atlanta, GA

Source: SBD (XLR/RCA/miniplug)>Edirol R-09 (16/44.1)
1st Transfer: Audacity 1.2 (trim) > CD WAVE (split) > Nero (burn) > DVD
2nd Transfer: DVD > PC > WAV > Flac frontend(level 8) > flac16

Taped by: Debra Jones (datgirl333)
1st Transfer by: Debra Jones (datgirl333)
2nd Transfer by: Scott Brown

Bobby played the 66 Gibson ES series guitar (except for +, when he played the Deering Crossfire banjo).

Mark R. used his laptop computer to run some cool intros he built for Outer Space and Broken Home.

One long set, run time 2:07.
Sound check filler run time: approx. 19 min.

Disc 1

1. Outer Space 
2. Lima 
3. Did My Time +*
4. Saturn +*
5. Grandma's Got A Motorcycle +
6. Time For The Future @*  
7. Miss Hawaii %
8. Beggin' 
9. Body In The Lake *

Disk 2

1. Animal People * >
2. Victor The Snakeman * >
3. Blow My Brains *


4. Broken Home * >
5. Tumblin' Down *

<<<<<< Sound Check >>>>>>

6. Miss Hawaii %
7. Saturn
8. Outer Space intro, take 1 +
9. Outer Space intro, take 2 +
10. Did My Time, take 1 +
11. Broken Home +
12. Did My Time +
13. Grandma's Got A Motorcycle +

+ Bobby on Banjo
* Chris Miller on Saxophone
@ First time played
% Shannon Bakos on Guitar and vocals

Please support the Codetalkers


The Codetalkers are....

Bobby Lee Rodgers, guitar, banjo, vocal
Andrew Altman, bass
Mark Raudebaugh, drums, FX

With Special guests: 

Chris Miller, saxophone
Shannon Bakos, guitar 

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07bf8b962b27c2c5980db6dceafd5b93 *ct.2007.07.06.d1t03.flac
98de7b6db44f601cd80fc1cdfeb5b031 *ct.2007.07.06.d1t04.flac
537dc8d850eae4f95d2b7bf99b948e71 *ct.2007.07.06.d1t05.flac
afb96086cd08cf8b6880e8bc710e85de *ct.2007.07.06.d1t06.flac
1e60309ce5807f50e41b9426b41aa77b *ct.2007.07.06.d1t07.flac
511295a32c776cd04370e6102a4dc094 *ct.2007.07.06.d1t08.flac
527a49362df4a2e03eb6b0e87a7b0181 *ct.2007.07.06.d1t09.flac
90705fcfce35ecd7b63dd2727b8ff030 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t01.flac
5fd057acdbb2e87ee3d723b24e742f08 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t02.flac
7c6e9823d09a16e2d5d79c4f842ed34a *ct.2007.07.06.d2t03.flac
c442ad620913255152da9f27fd016727 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t04.flac
593f897602f1b7e6f2601dc0d240588f *ct.2007.07.06.d2t05.flac
6245ea551260edd76d03187b1f5f4c6e *ct.2007.07.06.d2t06.flac
d57f6c8ddef78d20dd704383f6ffd49a *ct.2007.07.06.d2t07.flac
9997563fbad17bf7b59dbc751b44f418 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t08.flac
b9707e6e141caaf37aa545c0633ead84 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t09.flac
b23927f172209f934d3a0a83a5f8da4f *ct.2007.07.06.d2t10.flac
7e5c51f27e0471f5f7cfe62a01da9ddb *ct.2007.07.06.d2t11.flac
e24fb37d9267e1383a19ec45c0e50f30 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t12.flac
d69eacff35d4b04bedf3082c9a076498 *ct.2007.07.06.d2t13.flac
f466d12500e7f39c0aa5b504b831a052 *ct.2007.07.06.tracklist.txt

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