[bittorrent] Gov't Mule 2007-06-01 (Schoeps mk21, 24bit)

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Band:           Govt Mule
Torrent Name:   Gov't Mule 2007-06-01 (Schoeps mk21, 24bit)
Uploaded by:    CraigT
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Description / text file:
Gov't Mule
June 1, 2007
Mountain Jam - Hunter Mountain, NY

Source: Schoeps mk21 (NOS)> NBox+> SD 722 (24/96); Wave Lab 5 (fades, Waves Q2 Paragraphic EQ)> CDWave (tracks)> FLAC24

Recorded by Craig Taraszki (ctaraszki at hotmail.com)

Set 1
01. Creep
02. 32/20
03. Million Miles from Yesterday
04. Thorazine Shuffle
05. Flip Wilson
06. Rockin' Horse
07. Banks of the Deep End
08. Unring The Bell
09. Blind Man in the Dark

Set 2
01. If Loving You Is Wrong
02. I'm A Ram >
03. Love Me Do >
04. I'm A Ram
05. Brighter Days
06. Like Flies
07. Drums
08. No Quarter
09. Bad Little Doogie
10. Brand New Angel
11. E: Hallelujah
12. Little Wing

5d3b16864ce112c6ea94cb0cc9c51814 *mule2007-06-01s1t01.flac
e662eee22cb8dfdf69317f6279f92b52 *mule2007-06-01s1t02.flac
6898037d6d1a332e04f4dbc550c92ce1 *mule2007-06-01s1t03.flac
25015320527c7496879b11a0708a9abb *mule2007-06-01s1t04.flac
681011e26bb40b2810b4490a41edb0e7 *mule2007-06-01s1t05.flac
4dff96f994cee0d9f0a70a5fab614450 *mule2007-06-01s1t06.flac
e17d0a1773613339ff4db35a492c5bd4 *mule2007-06-01s1t07.flac
6145ee09e2fec418f8508a01576e6a32 *mule2007-06-01s1t08.flac
5947f5cefed559b2fa35f8836c3f2b16 *mule2007-06-01s1t09.flac
fbc35580796da505b27fc78dab440f1b *mule2007-06-01s2t01.flac
41b5806ed8217bf9e06db5ead2b9f703 *mule2007-06-01s2t02.flac
bd5f443b9206a7120b41de525c017ac9 *mule2007-06-01s2t03.flac
a3d070ca709e51aa27b28bed4652cd7b *mule2007-06-01s2t04.flac
61feb9b004c879a5103519448860755d *mule2007-06-01s2t05.flac
87a3285f630e1450f5a316e70f1f26a4 *mule2007-06-01s2t06.flac
47865ed35ebd3af3bfe5dca33a3323bc *mule2007-06-01s2t07.flac
3e56fc012558e90d569e03ddb7c8aed6 *mule2007-06-01s2t08.flac
b0883c479c43f17a305c6f3592e7f6ba *mule2007-06-01s2t09.flac
40598a6b6f25b6dbf93c1e3bb4abe771 *mule2007-06-01s2t10.flac
6e4b32f5d6ca9ff89dc8754b0b843a21 *mule2007-06-01s2t11.flac
4cbe6ff6c3edbc29581d5c4b3e092613 *mule2007-06-01s2t12.flac

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