[bittorrent] Kevin Kinney and Gibb Droll 7/11/02 State Theatre, Falls Church, VA [SBD]

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Band:           Kevn Kinney
Torrent Name:   Kevin Kinney and Gibb Droll 7/11/02 State Theatre, Falls Church, VA [SBD]
Uploaded by:    btet
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508139

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Description / text file:
Kevin Kenny & Gibb Droll
State Theatre
Falls Church, VA

SRC: SBD>Waveterminal U2A (48khz>Dell Inspiron 8000>.wav (downsampled in CE 2000 to 44.1 khz>CD>EAC>FLAC

CD 1

1. //Instrumental (fades in) >
2. Wild Dog Moon
3. Back Roads and Rainy Days
4. Last Song of Maddie Hope
5. Honeysuckle Blue >
6. I've Got a Feeling
7. Yes, That's Me
8. This Train Don't Stop at the Millworks Anymore
9. Broken Hearts and Auto Parts
10. Underground Umbrella -> One More Cup of Coffee

CD 2

1. Radio Song*
2. Scarred But Smarter

Set II
3. 40 Miles of Mountain Road
4. Never Far Behind
5. Look What You've Done to your Brother -> 
6. Who Knows?

7. Good Country Mile
8. No Blues >
9. Baba O'Reily (refrain)

*Gibb gets up and moonwalks on a dare from Kevin :-)


1b378ff8390cf82151ffacccf5700963 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t01.flac
01b4be28608fe711838cad2738a22dec *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t02.flac
df94e374a8ef52d9f3e4ebb7a3e89cc9 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t03.flac
35e8dd1170c57805e3350b9a72acfc4c *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t04.flac
4ecf54cc93f1a852235c30d440d7f066 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t05.flac
1d034b23637cea99f24a5bc18b179cd6 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t06.flac
7282697a8c5c21684424c925760602ae *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t07.flac
551c7a7fd3b1801462870cc1211b4048 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t08.flac
26634545a7fff4cd8b7786969974bd12 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t09.flac
1ddee89656c5b06082acbe89255361f7 *kk+gd2002-07-11d1t10.flac
68135ab18d15faad0c78730c687a3546 *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t01.flac
5a733d787646a8944e7438b20f04ea5b *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t02.flac
e6e69f18d662d5d9c3e147cbc87bca4b *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t03.flac
4c3e3a4f109ad5f7c2066e189f88bacc *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t04.flac
1ec6319af220be61c8c68eae45040cab *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t05.flac
8eb47cc4632e64c53be824264cbec5e2 *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t06.flac
57051e324c8d573e508a9e1625b1253b *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t07.flac
0907e974e80e9256a36e167d440ab32d *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t08.flac
a85e3322b4794b44ab21c011c213b2e4 *kk+gd2002-07-11d2t09.flac

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