[bittorrent] The Slip 6/27/07 Philadelphia, PA (mk4, 24bit)

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Band:           The Slip
Torrent Name:   The Slip 6/27/07 Philadelphia, PA (mk4, 24bit)
Uploaded by:    CraigT
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=508117

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Description / text file:
The Slip
June 27, 2007
World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA

Source: Schoeps mk4 (NOS, mezzanine center)> NBox+> SD 722 (24/48); Wave Lab 5 (fades)> CDWave (tracks)> FLAC24

Recorded by Craig Taraszki (ctaraszki at hotmail.com)

01. More Intense Survailence > Lots Of Socks
02. Even Rats
03. Soft Machine
04. Suffocation Keep
05. Theres A Lie
06. Broke The Promised Land
07. Airplane / Primitive
08. I Hate Love
09. Moderate Threat
10. Cowboy Up
11. If One Of Us Should Fall
12. Children of December
13. E1: Before You Were Born
14. Life In Disguise
15. E2: Heartbreaker

6207d388c2d03d6af9c21bbc00dad319 *slip2007-06-27t01.flac
d5709c9ad52d66f7ac64d5824f52a8a7 *slip2007-06-27t02.flac
39221d9599783f0411cba830b31340ac *slip2007-06-27t03.flac
8c535e5b190401109eaaea192ecb58f6 *slip2007-06-27t04.flac
0cd8e31103bb168b162ce42a216f2ea6 *slip2007-06-27t05.flac
f951213561f9a91e111b4b4bcaa354ea *slip2007-06-27t06.flac
35abfc4ea9e3744878e338e2f32fc37f *slip2007-06-27t07.flac
cb21d676131da3c5e75a2891b725b749 *slip2007-06-27t08.flac
b1dd656def736caec50bb252ce2bb189 *slip2007-06-27t09.flac
f88158db7411504c37b25b82719325de *slip2007-06-27t10.flac
edf3100dbdc86b4b445729736278b191 *slip2007-06-27t11.flac
c5d700969dfd215b187ee854cce1a683 *slip2007-06-27t12.flac
d3a4a195df99ce05d4fd93e7abc4b998 *slip2007-06-27t13.flac
f567b9bec46de4f1850d7f5d2840c563 *slip2007-06-27t14.flac
f5567f7e30bec238c24bdc4802faf84d *slip2007-06-27t15.flac

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