[bittorrent] Tres Tangled Truckers - The Pour House Music Hall - Raleigh, NC - 12/18/05

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Band:           Drive-By Truckers
Torrent Name:   Tres Tangled Truckers - The Pour House Music Hall - Raleigh, NC - 12/18/05
Uploaded by:    nickgregory
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Description / text file:
Tres Tangled Truckers
Pour House Music Hall
Raleigh, NC
December 18, 2005

Taper:	Nick Gregory (ngregory at taperssection.com)

Source: 	DPA 4022s->Sound Devices 722
Location:	8 feet high, 25 ft back

Conversion: 	SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) ->
		Wavelab 5 (dither, resample, adding fades) -> FLAC 
Disc One				
Set One

1)  Last christmas sucked..thanks for bringing it up
2)  Empty Rooms
3)  The Day That John Henry Died
4)  Stand Up and Fight For It
5)  Don't Make it Better
6)  Razor Town
7)  Kinda Like You
8)  The Next One
9)  Daylight
10) Time
11) Red
12) Decoration Day
13) When You Come Back

Disc Two
Set Two
1)  Intro
2)  Lorraine Today
3)  When the Well Runs Dry
4)  Coming Round Again *
5)  Still I Run
6)  Goddamn Lonely Love
7)  40 Miles of Mountain Road
8)  I'm Staying Out
9)  Whisper
10) Southwestern State ^  
11) Broken Hearts and Auto Parts

Disc Three
1)  Intro
2)  Please Break My Heart
3)  Danko/Manuel
4)  Let's Go Dancing
5)  Into the Mystic

Tres Tangled Truckers is:

Dave Bartholomew - Guitar, Background Vocals 
Caitlin Cary - Violin, Vocals
Jason Isbell - Guitar, Vocals
Kevn Kinney - Guitar, Vocals

* at 1:29-1:31 distortion came from PA.  Reduced by 4db to
  make the audible impact not as harsh
^ with Jason Ross of Seven Mary Three on Vocals
- A 24/96 copy exists in FLAC format

compiled 12/21/05

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