[bittorrent] Grateful Dead 10-6-77 Activity Center. Arizona State U, Tempe, AZ KBFH Version SHN ID#77476

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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   Grateful Dead 10-6-77 Activity Center. Arizona State U, Tempe, AZ KBFH Version SHN ID#77476
Uploaded by:    EndtheWarNOW
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/77476
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=507946

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/EndtheWarNOW

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Grateful Dead
Activity Center
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
10-06-1977 as edited for "King Biscuit Flour Hour" 1977

Seeder's notes:  There was a recent request for 10/6/77.  This is the King Biscuit Flower Hour version, which is obviously heavily edited.  It an FM recording, not the pre-FM board (see notes below).  I will try and get a SBD source of the whole show up later today.    The full SBD has issues but is still a very listenable recording. 

(Note that the Terrapin, which is the last track, is from 3-20-77 Winterland)

All notes below taken from  db.etree:

-- Activity Center, ASU, Tempe AZ, 10-06-1977
01 Promised Land
02 Tennessee Jed
03 Looks Like Rain
04 Estimated Prophet// (station break)
05 //Drums>
06 Not Fade Away// (tape flip)
07 Black Peter>
08 Not Fade Away>
09 Around & Around
-- Winterland, San Francisco, 03-20-1977
10 Terrapin

FM > C(x2) > Marantz CDR-510 (rec at -0db) > CDR > EAC >
Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH (for SBE-OK, checksums, and
FLAC compression) > FLAC > bt.etree, May 2006.

Soundforge was used to create fades, and make some small repairs. A big THANK YOU to Dennis C. for transfering his cassette and providing the source disc for this show.

"This is the complete original King Biscuit Flower Hour FM, as it was broadcast over the airwaves back in the day. Some of this material is included on the other circulating fake SBD sources & some of it is not. To date, this is the only FM version to come out & my hope is a pristine copy will eventually surface."

4398d2bee0c65f951fd868d1bcff3112 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t01.flac
331c9496fa5b6935a2fc48499d49cded *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t02.flac
9f70f386868292350d4e35bb3d515bc4 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t03.flac
6d16cf80e1daadfad2be239a6ebe874a *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t04.flac
f1d9582de3c9005cc808138bc0534ad6 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t05.flac
af4cc453b75d934113c4e7a5f6c3c65a *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t06.flac
3ab8c3a725c20a8f7736046a00ff6a65 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t07.flac
70261531753af60ff1c18317402e2e24 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t08.flac
801a7405edd127ec39eb9b98c1e3bf56 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t09.flac
ae15ade384b40c008f724b62ac6f58c0 *gd1977-10-06-kbfh-t10.flac

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