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Band:           Govt Mule
Torrent Name:   gm2001-04-01
Uploaded by:    babyfaceparizzi
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=507945

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Gov't Mule
Peace Center 
Greenville, SC

Source:Unknown Audience Recording

01. John The Revelator > 
02. Rocking Horse 
03. Thorazine Shuffle 
04. Temporary Saint 
05. Fire In The Kitchen > 
06. World Gone Wild 
07. Tastes Like Wine 
08. rap
09. Lay Your Burden Down 
10. Bad Little Doggie > 
11. How Many More Years > The Hunter > How Many More Years 

disc 2
01. Blind Man In The Dark 
02. Fallen Down 
03. Keyboard intro > Soulshine 
04. Mule > Norwegian Wood tease > Whole Lotta Love >Mule > Les Brers In A Minor tease > Mule 

> Goin'Down tease +> Mule
05. Keyboard intro > 32-20 Blues *

Setlist Notes: + first time played; * Mike Barnes on guitar

disc 1\Track01.flac:70f1a3d98bdbb115f6437b19b755d3d1
disc 1\Track02.flac:607cec6ce830e43b03678ed88019ef9f
disc 1\Track03.flac:5d39da7c2231a7c16de04fedfff51f0b
disc 1\Track04.flac:2f83c4d3cd479dd772b499f1e0b40e3f
disc 1\Track05.flac:7ec9f425b5b1f5192a054fedbb46eac3
disc 1\Track06.flac:2d4bda7f4fed6ad8d881981131802b3b
disc 1\Track07.flac:1b0baaef2c9ec151930ac41a7b063bec
disc 1\Track08.flac:d6a863edc06fac607a1f52c7b46b910b
disc 1\Track09.flac:dba84392ff96da00724824638be6975f
disc 1\Track10.flac:7653fe7f5a64d16d46dc593d16104575
disc 1\Track11.flac:47a3d08a0616b599dc5ae4530db14912
disc 2\Track01.flac:c5f46e580d9b0f8bd2f80f56aa4d1393
disc 2\Track02.flac:4eb1a4563a47f43b6bb054a3479d40e4
disc 2\Track03.flac:c095bb6796c6151a22b94bd119eae19d
disc 2\Track04.flac:16b10168a94af2088d433985983f5b29
disc 2\Track05.flac:dfc703d83f341780fdb417d2464c8a57

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