[bittorrent] Buddy Guy July 1, 2005 Portland Blues Festival FOB Schoeps

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Torrent Name:   Buddy Guy  July 1, 2005  Portland Blues Festival   FOB Schoeps
Uploaded by:    O.D.Jubilee
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=507890

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Description / text file:
Buddy Guy

July 1, 2005
Portland Blues Festival, Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Portland, OR

FOB Schoeps MK4s (in hat)>Nbox>Oade line mod SBM-1 at 44.1 kHz>Sony D8
Transfer:Tascam DA-20 MKII>Philips CDR 775>EAC>FLAC


-Went to this show as a favor to a friend who wanted Eric Johnson taped, 
 glad I decided to stick around for Buddy.
-Thanks to Robert D. for use of his Mics & pre!

Buddy Guy 7-1-0501.flac:1ed75eefb85043518eb70cbf10ce6d3f
Buddy Guy 7-1-0502.flac:c4713b98e67ba11b4aba4dd77101e788
Buddy Guy 7-1-0503.flac:2e017db06a357dbf40822d0110b58888
Buddy Guy 7-1-0504.flac:3b37c06cb71a55125074a71954f74d0e
Buddy Guy 7-1-0505.flac:7bc8508b15d087894de4947cff2f94d7
Buddy Guy 7-1-0506.flac:9807dac8077bc5e42001f1829ad1faac
Buddy Guy 7-1-0507.flac:0ea87564e4bf03e9303301adf3da4a02
Buddy Guy 7-1-0508.flac:51b12bc731957fb154f1e9c7076324f6

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