[bittorrent] John Butler Trio at The Fillmore 2007-06-24

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Band:           John Butler Trio
Torrent Name:   John Butler Trio at The Fillmore 2007-06-24
Uploaded by:    flutemusic
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=507864

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Description / text file:
John Butler Trio
The Fillmore
San Francisco, California

Grand National US Tour
Supported by: Kaki King

01 Feeling Good intro
02 Pickapart
03 Used to Get High
04 Company Sin
05 Daniella
06 Treat Yo Mama
07 Caroline
08 Gov Did Nothin'
09 Oldman
10 Losing You*
11 Ocean* 

01 Betterman
02 Devil
03 Groovin' Slowly
04 Zebra
05 Good Excuse (Solos)
06 Peaches and Cream (with Kaki King)
07 Better Than
08 Funky Tonight

*John Butler solos

source: DAUD > AKG C480B-CK61 (DIN) > Segue Dogstar Silver XLRs > UA-5 BM2p+mod > glass optical -> H120 [rockboxed - 16 bit/44.1 kHz]

conversion: Audacity v.1.2.4 (fades) -> CDWave v.1.94.8 (tracks) -> Flac frontend v.1.7.1 -> FLAC v.1.1.2 (aligned on sector boundaries, level 8)  [checked for sbe's with Trader's Little Helper]

mics at 10' immediately left of soundboard in tapers' section

source & conversion by flutedude at spamex dot com

NOT FOR SALE.  Please maintain the integrity of the audio quality of this recording and trade it for FREE only in lossless formats (e.g. wav, FLAC, aiff, etc.)  Please do not encode to MP3 or other lossy formats except for personal listening. And please don't re-encode any lossy files into loseless format. Information on distribution of lossless recordings can be found at www.etree.org. Thanks and enjoy!

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3c8a7f412734c973e86301262e21bb7c *jbt-20070624-d01t01.flac
1d01ca95935b1569fecb2e0fdd634a27 *jbt-20070624-d01t02.flac
d9b1916f5f16677a5ea241d431b508c7 *jbt-20070624-d01t03.flac
436102b821ce727e48e5f48217dbe9c8 *jbt-20070624-d01t04.flac
efd6eeb7e6e9e7f390afd674f0bb66ec *jbt-20070624-d01t05.flac
02ffa3ba0e5268ce666eb462fd1d8813 *jbt-20070624-d01t06.flac
df70d93cf0c4b04d19f169afadf812de *jbt-20070624-d01t07.flac
1b6d6d41ad058a48ac7666fffaa03556 *jbt-20070624-d01t08.flac
b314444785b5a3e35469bfb998542c2d *jbt-20070624-d01t09.flac
6428e3a2b2e47c46dc7ef89adfa08699 *jbt-20070624-d01t10.flac
803b1669b8538291903d75e0b85e190d *jbt-20070624-d01t11.flac
fc1283e5d28b5aca0902dff6168833dd *jbt-20070624-d02t01.flac
44fed3f043ed00743e7544fd2e605fa9 *jbt-20070624-d02t02.flac
78d2af20800c6549b305df7c46a56ba7 *jbt-20070624-d02t03.flac
ac9ca68551cf5a631bc6d21be1a331f7 *jbt-20070624-d02t04.flac
c5d6f13b9c4df152b8cc850384da2d84 *jbt-20070624-d02t05.flac
c5a0c0285d7a14100487fa9b3fcf5429 *jbt-20070624-d02t06.flac
f915d736e90bb91d50baa2328826c680 *jbt-20070624-d02t07.flac
d738a53322661d47c50377e57b4dc8fa *jbt-20070624-d02t08.flac
f4849776dbf38e970d39813b0cc275cb *jbt-20070624-info.txt
fb6649f2123ef65eaff42bb66ad85054 *jbt2007-06-24.akg481.flac16.ffp.txt
3fa7e16801b0f5f1117b94eac9a59c7c *JBT_ticket_20070624.jpg

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