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Torrent Name:   Frank Wakefield Band Portland, OR  Multitrack
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Uploaded by:    tapermark
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Description / text file:
Frank Wakefield Band
Goodfoot Lounge
Portland, Oregon

Source:  4 track mono mix
[1] AKG C-414 TLII {stage left-fiddle)>Segue Dogstar Silver Interconnects>Edirol R-4 @24/96.
[2] AKG C-414 TLII {stage center-mandolin)>Segue Dogstar Silver Interconnects>Edirol R-4 @24/96.
[3] Soundboard {left channel-Neumann KM140-fiddle, Neumann KM140-mandolin and AKG-C-414 ULS-vocals}>
Silver Path Interconnects>Edirol R-4 @24/96.
[4] Soundboard {right channel-Neumann KM140-mandolin, AKG C-1000-guitar and AKG C-414 ULS-vocals}>
Silver Path Interconnects>Edirol R-4 @24/96.

Transfer:  Edirol R-4>USB>Dell Dimension 4600>Audacity 1.2.4 (4 mono tracks mixed down to one stereo track, even mix)>
Wavelab 4.0 (fades added at begining and end of sets, downsampled to 44.1 and dithered to 16 bit using 
the Apogee UV22-HR algorythym)>CDwave 1.93.3 (tracked)>Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (level 7)>flac16. (shntool verified)

Recording and transfer by Mark Burgin  tapermark2003 at yahoo.com

FLAC 24's available upon request.

Disc One: Set One [78:50]
01  Intro [4:55]
02  Nat Kilt#  [7:38]
03  All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone# [4:55]
04  Summertime Is Past And Gone [4:16]
05  Mexican Stomp [5:59]
06  I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail [4:27]
07  The Old Cat Sneezed [3:49]
08  Sweetheart, You Done Me Wrong [6:25]
09  Beethoven [8:17]
10  T For Texas [8:23]
11  Miss Izzy [4:03]
12  Danny Boy [3:34]
13  Back In Playward [4:14]
14  Pistol Packin' Mama [7:55]

Disc Two: Set Two [34:27]
01  Intro [00:24]
02  ?Instrumental? [5:03] 
03  On Top Of Old Smokey [5:00]
04  The Old Crossroads [4:16]
05  Leave Well Enough Alone [3:31]
06  Bluegrass Breakdown [3:39]
07  Orange Blossom Special [7:40]
08  Encore:  New Camptown Races [4:54] 

Notes: Short set two due to too long a set break.
Very slight buzz in the PA.  Could not get rid of it.  
Does not affect the overall listenablity of the performance.
No video was shot of this evening therefore it won't be released on DVD.  Frank gave the ok to spread far and wide.  DO NOT SELL!!

# w/ Jeff Smith on mandolin from Sam Hill

Frank Wakefield - mandolin and vocals
Jim Moss - fiddle and vocals
Jim Lewin - guitar and vocals

Support Frank and visit:  

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