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Sun Jul 30 09:37:00 MDT 2006


***tapers are ALWAYS welcome at live shows by The Biscuit Rollers***Help us spread the good news of the Blues!!!!

The Biscuit Rollers was formed in early 2006 as an outlet for the creative energy of its members, who grew tired of playing in "just another cover band" bands. We are a three piece band composed of Kelly Miller (vocals and percussion), Jack Roy (dobro slide guitar, electric guitar, harp) and Chris Okay (acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic bass, harp, backup vocals), and we frequent the blues club scene in the Shenandoah Valley in western Virginia, and as far South as Durham, North Carolina, up and down the central Piedmont region.

We play a stripped down version of the Blues, with a truly unique hard-driving road house/juke joint sound. Accomplished and mature musicians, we get down, get loose, and get funky with old style blues music, helping to keep it alive, and making it groove with our own special concoction of rhythm, pace, and feeling. Our music is true, and real.

We've been inspired by the great chemistry of this band, and each time we get together, it improves and is honed in geometric (as opposed to arithmetic) fashion. Making music is supposed to be FUNFUNFUN, and hopefully you can tell we're REALLY REALLY enjoying ourselves on these recordings!

Come see us, sit for a while and listen, feel free to clap your hands, stomp your feet, even get up and dance if you feel like it -- this is roadhouse/juke joint music -- it's what real people used to dance, drink bootleg whiskey and bathtub gin, smoke bones, and cut loose to back in the truly good ol' days -- we're hoping to recapture that feeling today, cuz Lord knows, these times are trying, and we want to help you forget about all that shit for a while . . . this music does it for us, come let The Biscuit Rollers show you what's happening now :^)

We hope you dig it!!

Tapers are welcome and encouraged to practice your craft at our shows!!!!

Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, John Lee Hooker, Mississippi Fred MacDowall others


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